Atlanta Hawks Reportedly Interested In Trading Trae Young … At The Perfect Time

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Rumors mysteriously sprouted on Monday regarding the Atlanta Hawks front office’s potential “green light” to pursue trades for star guard Trae Young.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reported that Atlanta’s front office “has the green light from ownership to do whatever it wants to with the roster, which includes considering trade opportunities involving [Trae Young].”

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As most people by now understand, headline-worthy, front-office rumors about an organization are hardly coincidental. If a multi-billion-dollar team wants the word out on a player’s trade availability, they’ll find a sneaky way to do so.

“It could be false, could be true, you never know,” Young said regarding the trade rumors.

Massive Changes Possibly OTW For Atlanta, Trae Young

So in the case of Atlanta and their former first-round pick, it makes all the sense why this rumor’s trending at the time it is.

It comes at a do-or-die time for the Hawks and a prove-it scenario for Trae Young.

For the Atlanta Hawks, finishing with a lesser record (41-41) than the year prior — after acquiring former Spurs star Dejounte Murray in the offseason — was a reprehensible step back for the organization that demanded someone lose their job.

The first fall guy to take the hit for the disastrous year was Hawks head coach Nate McMillan. The former Hawks coach was known for frequently butting heads with Trae Young, even sitting him out after a pre-game disagreement.

The Hawks dismissed McMillan on Feb. 21, setting up Trae as the next guy up to take the blame.

Former Head Coach, Nate McMillan, of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images)

As the regular season underwhelmingly wraps for Atlanta, and the Hawks find themselves playing for a postseason spot starting with Miami on Tuesday, all eyes will be on whether Young can elevate his team. Or if it’ll take another All-Star talent, which in that case, makes a trade for Young a much easier scenario for Atlanta’s front office.

It’ll be tough to imagine the Hawks not wanting to field trade packages for their two-time All-Star should Young play an underwhelming play-in series.

A massive overhaul could soon be in play for the Atlanta Hawks.

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