Atlanta Falcons Set To Give NFL’s Worst Uniforms A Rest, Sport Throwbacks

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Good news people of Atlanta. In four short months you’ll once again be able to take in a Falcons game with your eyes open. In mid-October the Falcons will take a break from wearing their God-awful threads and sport clean, classy throwbacks.

The team alluded to the change in fashion during a video released to Twitter late Wednesday evening. Within the roughly one minute clip, cornerback A. J. Terrell can be seen sitting in front of his locker, suiting up in Atlanta’s lavish look of the past, complete with the iconic red helmet.

Had the team not pumped music over the video, chances are you would’ve heard Terrell muttering something along the lines of “Finally,” or “Thank F—ing God.” Cause let’s face it, the current Atlanta uniforms stink worse than the postgame laundry.

Atlanta will wear their new (old) uniforms for their October 16th home game versus San Francisco. The team originally wore red helmets beginning in 1966. Atlanta sported some version of red helmets until 1990 when ATL opted for black.

In April of 2020 the Falcons announced an entirely new look. Though their primary colors (black, red, white) remained the same, the imagery on the helmet took on a more modern look. Unfortunately for anyone with a pair of eyes, the team also opted to shift to wearing the league’s worst combination of pants and jerseys.

Aside from their throwbacks, the uniforms feature a create-a-team-like “ATL” across the chest and generic stripping down both the pants and jerseys. Uni-purists, look away.

Atlanta Falcons uniform history

(photo courtesy of Atlanta Falcons)

Now, for at least one week, Atlanta will no longer present themselves as the NFL’s worst-dress team in the league.

And remember, it was former Falcon Deion Sanders who said: “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.”

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Written by Anthony Farris

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