Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith Has A Strange Way Of Testing NFL Draft Prospects

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During the pre-draft process, teams put players through all sorts of different tests. Of course, the physical tests — like the ones at the scouting combine — are well-known prior to the NFL Draft. But it’s during the interviews that teams get to know the players. And Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith has an odd way of accomplishing that.

The Falcons ultimately drafted Texas running back Bijan Robinson with the 8th overall pick in the NFL Draft. But as a team with many holes on its roster, the Falcons likely considered many different positional needs.

One of those apparently was offensive line. They had a visit with Northwestern offensive tackle Peter Skoronski who ended up going 11th overall to the Tennessee Titans.

According to Skoronski, the interview process with the Atlanta Falcons, and Smith, was quite … strange.

“The head coach was on me the second I got in there,” Skoronski told The Athletic. “I was giving them generic answers to their questions, and he said, ‘You’re really boring me right now. Your answers are so boring.’

Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith calls in a play from the sidelines during an NFL game.
Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith calls in a play from the sidelines during an NFL game. (Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“The whole meeting, he kept looking at his computer. I was kind of laughing to myself and said, ‘Sorry, I don’t know what you want me to do. I’m answering you honestly.’”

Yes, NFL coaches test players during the interview to gauge their reaction. But this seems odd, even for that. You’re talking to an NFL offensive line prospect, not interviewing a NASA astronaut.

When on a football field is Skoronski going to need to react appropriately to an opponent checking his computer too much? Apparently, Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith thinks this is important information.

This falls in line with the scouting combine, honestly. Many of those tests provide information, but not as much as … you know, playing football.

Just like you can’t really gauge how a player will do in the NFL by how they perform in shorts and a t-shirt, these interviews probably aren’t as valuable as teams think.

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  1. Without knowing the actual Questions that Smith is asking, this article doesn’t reveal anything about Smith or the player. Does he ask every prospect the same questions or are they tailored to info he already has on each player.

    Smith’s father – Fred Smith – is the founder of FedEx. Maybe he asks his key executive candidates certain questions to gain insights into their character, etc ??? And son is following dad’s proven formula ????

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