At Least One NFL Team Believes Trevor Lawrence Is QB2, And There Could Be More

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Trevor Lawrence is widely considered a generational quarterback prospect. Any debate on the 2021 NFL Draft has started with that No. 2 pick, mostly because everyone knows Lawrence will be the first guy taken.

According to draft analyst Matt Miller, it might be a good thing the Jacksonville Jaguars have the top pick. If it were any other team, Lawrence might not be the choice. Instead, it would be BYU quarterback Zach Wilson.

Here’s a snippet from Miller’s latest scouting notebook:

Lawrence is QB1. Or at least that’s what we’ve all been told and all kind of go along with. He’s great. Generational, maybe.

But not everyone sees it this way. In fact, as NFL scouting departments meet to stack their draft boards and discuss the upcoming class, at least one team has Lawrence as QB2.

So who the hell is their QB1?

BYU’s Zach Wilson.

I always try to remind people that draft season is lying season. It’s possible that one team is just blowing smoke, but it could also be true.

Anyone who has watched Wilson closely knows he’s oozing with potential. He’s got a strong arm, he’s got the needed mobility to be a factor with his legs, and he looks like a guy who is still developing — meaning he’s got a high ceiling.

Is he a sure thing? No, but there were similar question marks about Patrick Mahomes coming out of Texas Tech, which Miller recently pointed out. Does that mean that Wilson will reach the same ceiling? Also a no, it just means that ceiling is there.

Apparently, it isn’t just one team that prefers Wilson to Lawrence either. Fellow draft analyst Eric Galko tweeted out that multiple teams prefer the Cougars quarterback, and he agrees with them.

Fascinating stuff, right?

At the end of the day, Lawrence is going to be the pick for Urban Meyer and the Jaguars. And with the way things are trending, Wilson will more than likely go to whoever is picking at No. 2. From there, we’ll get to compare the careers.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. These teams are lying but maybe I’m wrong. There are several teams that do a lot of dumb shit so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Let’s be real – Lawrence is more of a “sure thing” than that nerd Andrew Luck.

  2. As a Cougar alumnus, Wilson was a blast to watch. Amazing arm strength, play-making ability, speed, etc., but he doesn’t have nearly the track record Lawrence has. I’m not saying his ceiling is lower than Lawrence’s, but Lawrence has proven himself to be the no. 1 pick. Hope they both tear it up in the NFL.

  3. These scouts weren’t confident enough in their opinions to put their names or team names along side their silly assessments? Shocking! Way to be bold guys. I guess they aren’t THAT confident in such statements, because they know they’d be seen as incompetent if it got out. It’s obviously a misinformation campaign, which reporters should know better than participate in. TL isn’t just the best QB prospect in this draft. He’s the best since Peyton Manning, and more physically talent than he ever was. If you can’t make Trevor Lawrence into a perineal pro bowler it’s officially your fault as a coach and organization.

  4. Thank God Urban Meyer, a new staff and new GM are in the house, because this is EXACTLY the type of thing the Jags would have fallen for in the past: pass on the sure thing and draft the potential “high ceiling” instead. The Jags will draft Lawrence, as they should; I know Meyer isn’t that stupid. This could also be fodder for a team that actually wants Wilson to go before someone else they are high on, like Fields, for example. I’m not sold on Wilson. He’s athletic, strong arm, good size, great potential, smart, etc.; no doubt, he looks great on paper, and on the field against one and two star opponents. Wouldn’t waste a high draft pick on a QB that spent his career playing against poor competition; rarely has this ever worked out (ask the Jags about Bortles).

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