Assault With A Deadly Noodle: Florida Couple Arrested For Spaghetti Spat

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A romantic early morning spaghetti dinner turned into big-time drama for a Florida couple who were arrested on mutual domestic battery charges after cops found the couple “covered in spaghetti” and ready to press charges on each other.

Stephanie Lannas, 45, and her boyfriend, Adolfo Rivera, 35, were trying to have a nice Italian dinner at 1 a.m. Friday when things got ugly and the couple started shoving plates of spaghetti into each other’s face, according to a police report from the Clearwater Police Department. Yes, police believe alcohol played a factor in this fracas. Shocker, right?

The couple was eventually released from jail and have pleaded not guilty to the battery charges. Now, before you go thinking that Stefanie needs to get away from Adolfo and his spaghetti meltdowns, keep in mind this isn’t the first time cops have been called on this couple.

Spaghetti assault Florida
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The Smoking Gun reports that Lannas was arrested this past October for stabbing Rivera during a drunken showdown. Yet here’s Adolfo going back for a second helping of pure craziness. At this point, it’s on him for being the idiot here.

She already stabbed you. Now she slammed a plate of perfectly fine spaghetti in your face. I’m no relationship expert here, but I know Florida Man and Florida Woman stories. If I were a betting man, I’d throw a few bucks on this most likely not ending well for Adolfo.

A quick Google Image search for Lannas mugshots reveals she has a relationship with the penal system. Let this be a lesson to all the guys out there who start dating a Florida Woman. Always do a Google Image search for mugshots.

Otherwise, one minute you could be enjoying a plate of spaghetti at 1 a.m., the next minute you have a domestic assault charge hanging over your head. Ain’t nobody got time for that when you could’ve just done a Google search.

Time to get out, Adolfo.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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