Assassination Attempt Against Justice Kavanaugh Is ‘A Revolutionary Insurrectionist Direct Attack Upon The Supreme Court,’ Clay Travis says

Clay Travis joined ‘Hannity’ on Wednesday night to discuss the assassination plot against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which he said: “was designed to keep a Supreme Court opinion from being released.”

The OutKick founder continued, saying that this is “unbelievable” that we are even talking about this.

If this were a right-wing zealot who tried to do this outside another Justice’s home, the reaction from the media would be very different right now, Clay highlighted.

Watch Clay Travis’ full take on ‘Hannity’ here:

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  1. Odd how the party that claims divisive rhetoric aimed at inciting violence against government officials is an attack on democracy and pushing insurrection seems almost sad that this progressive, pro-gun control, pro-choice lunatic didn’t succeed in his assassination attempt.

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