Ashley Schultz Bats Leadoff, Dak-Kim Kardashian Odds & Stone Cold Blasting Targets From 1k Yards

Imagine the lack of sleep the coronabros got last night after the Dana White news

Dana White fired up his social media channels Monday night and got the attention of the sports world as only Dana can by saying he’s bringing the whole damn operation to Jacksonville for UFC 261 on April 24. The plan is to pack the Veteran’s Memorial Arena. The shock and horror was immediate from the usual suspects who can’t believe Dana would do such a thing.

Meanwhile, we have cruise ships ready to fire up their operations. We have ballparks — Globe Life — that will be full or nearly full on Opening Day. The Professional Bull Riders announced last week that the organization would allow full attendance April 9-11 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But of course, it was Dana catching all the heat since he’s so vocal, a Trump supporter, and not afraid to tangle publicly with the coronabros.

It absolutely tears coronabros up inside to see Dana on the offensive, especially after the audacity he had to take the whole UFC operations to Abu Dhabi and keep his workers employed. Dana keeps pushing while the coronabros go get their vaccines and still act like the United States can’t open up. That’s not going to play with Dana who is off and running with no brake.

Watch how long it takes for Nevada’s governor to change his mind on how he wants to approach things. Dana has these politicians by the balls, and now it’s just a matter of how hard he wants to squeeze.

• Jim Cramer’s out with his advice on how people could spend their stimulus money. No. 1 seems like a no-brainer: “Pay down credit card debt.” Take a minute and think about how that’s going out there on Main Street. U.S. credit debt sat at $756 billion in 2020, the lowest it had been since 2017. Now we have regular Americans with their stimmy checks and a travel boom about to take place this summer. Go ahead and figure on the credit debt jumping from that 2020 total. Cramer’s advice is useless here.

• Which job is Rick Pitino going to get? Indiana? His son’s job at Minnesota? The Big Ten appears to be on a heater right now and things would get extra spicy with Rick, 68, heading to Bloomington. If you’re a Hoosiers fan, you should want whatever brings this program back to just making the NCAA Tournament, something the team hasn’t done since 2016.

• This is nice. TheVerge reports companies can reroute your texts to hackers for $16. Good luck out there maintaining your privacy and passwords. Tough times, indeed.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. The Dale Earnhardt fetesh is beginning to wear. The day he punted Texas Terry Labonte at Bristol and acted like it was okay was the end for me and the Intimidator. Still miss the bastard because he made the sport watchable, but his behaviors in Bristol are unforgivable.

  2. The corona bros slept like babies, the worst possible reality for them is having nothing to be upset about. You see it all across the Nation with people who dedicated their measly lives to hating Trump 24-7, now that he’s gone they have nothing to be upset about and are realizing its their own lives that are empty and hollow.

    For the Bro’s, it was never about public safety or saving lives, it was simply another cause to justify the bitter hatred in their hearts.

  3. Coronabros weren’t providing anything productive to society to begin with…that’s why they loved everything shut down because the productive people were forced into being as unproductive as they are.

  4. As a Cowboys fan, I don’t want to see Dak anywhere near ANY Kardashian. It’s a fact, you score with any of them, your career goes straight to the shitter. It is funny though, because this has to ruffle the feathers of his current “girlfriend”, you know, the one that came out of the woodworks the second Dak signed the huge contract. An ensuing social media catfight would be hilarious!!

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