A’s Fan Hit In the Head With Foul Ball, LeBron Blaming His Teammate & Ducks Ride In A Cop Car

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PFT is 5-for-5

Guys, we made it. Friday. Five straight days without COVID sky-is-falling negativity out of Florio and PFT. I have to believe that’s a record for Mike. Guys have been hitting each other and yet we’re still not getting negativity. Let’s keep it up.

It’s not all positive news out of the NFL. Ron Rivera revealed a skin cancer diagnosis Thursday, but the team is saying it’s “very treatable.” The league needs guys like Ron out there keeping things interesting, especially in Washington where weirdo Dan Snyder needs some stability this season and Ron was the guy who was going to make that happen. If Rivera needs to step away, expect Jack Del Rio to take over as a temporary head coach.

In Vegas mobster news, Frank Cullotta passed away. “Ya tell ’em, ya know, we need the money. I’m not gonna keep on waiting. And after about the third time if they didn’t listen then you just give ’em a beatin’,” he once told a TV reporter. Cullotta was known for his alliance with Anthony “Ant” Spilotro, who was famously portrayed by Joe Pesci in Casino.

Take a ride down the mobster rabbit hole. It’s Friday, treat yourself a little bit.

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