80-Year-Old Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Once Declined Chains From 2 Chainz Because It Wasn’t The Right Look

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At 80 years old, born in 1942, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank was not familiar with 2 Chainz, the Grammy Award-winning rapper previously known as Tity Boi. 2 Chainz is based out of Atlanta and a big Falcons fan.

The connection between the rapper and the team led to a funny moment between him and Blank.

Earlier this week, Robert Kraft revealed that Meek Mill texted him and said that Lamar Jackson wants to join the Patriots. Blank does not have any rappers blowing up his phone, like Kraft, but he does occasionally text with Zac Brown.

As for his ties to the rap game, Blank recently told a story about his first interaction with 2 Chainz.

Mr. Chainz (Tauheed K. Epps, legally), attended a game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium a few years back. The team had invited him down onto the sideline, unbeknownst to Blank.

2 Chainz reps the Falcons. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

To reiterate: Blank did not know who 2 Chains was. He certainly did not know why he was called 2 Chainz.

Despite the lack of knowledge about the rapper, Blank wanted to be respectful and appreciative of his support, so he asked his staff to point him out— even though he doesn’t listen to 2 Chainz’s music. Credit to him.

Eventually, as an introduction was made, Blank quickly learned the reason for the nickname. 2 Chainz was all iced out.

Blank joked with 2 Chainz that he understood where he got the moniker, which led to a unique offer. 2 Chainz offered to get Blank some chains of his own.

Blank, unsure that it was the right look for him, respectfully declined.

While it might seem like a crazy move to turn down chains from 2 Chainz, Blank is worth an estimated $7.5 billion. If he decides to pull up with the drip, he can afford a chain or… 2. *ba dum tss*

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