Aroldis Champan Casually Pumps 104 After Obliterating Unsuspecting Umpire, Who Finishes Call Like A Pro’s Pro

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Aroldis Chapman is one of the most dominant closers in Major League Baseball history, and one of the hardest throwers in the league. At age 35, the Cuban fireballer is coming off the worst season in his 16-year career, but seems to have turned back the clock some in his first year with the Royals.

Chapman has made just two one-inning appearances in 2023, both in losses, but has yet to allow a run. He recorded four strikeouts and allowed one walk while facing seven batters with Kansas City.

Three of them came on Tuesday night, when Chapman came in during the ninth and struckout the side. It was one of his best outings of the last few seasons.

Chapman pumped 103, 104, and 103 against Bo Bichette, one of the better young sluggers in the MLB.

Had that been Chapman’s entire appearance, it would have been noteworthy. His fastball is back.

But that wasn’t all!

Aroldis Chapman also ran over umpire.

Vic Carapazza was the victim of a bang-bang play at first base. Aroldis Chapman went barreling off of the mound in case he needed to cover the bag, but couldn’t slow his momentum.

In a moment of panic, Chapman decided to try and go up and over Carapazza instead of making a quick cut to the left or right. It didn’t work. His hurdle attempt failed.

Chapman, running full-speed, jumped right into the umpire and took him down. The collision didn’t disrupt the play, nor did it stop the umpire from doing his job, though he got confused for a moment.

Shortly after the 6-foot-4, 218-pound pitcher landed on top of him, Carapazza signaled safe while lying on the infield dirt. Except the runner wasn’t safe, so the first base umpire quickly gathered himself, popped to his feet and called him out.

Carapazza likely didn’t expect to get steamrolled by Chapman when he woke up on Tuesday morning, but that’s baseball! Credit to him for shaking off the hit and getting the job done.

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