Aroldis Chapman Buys A Big Boy Kevlar-Wrapped 6X6 Jeep

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Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has a perfect new ride in case things get really weird in New York City when the boys return to Yankee Stadium here in July. We’re talking a 6-wheel drive 6X6 Jeep. That’s right, you can see the photo, SIX WHEELS!

And this turbo diesel is wrapped with Kevlar to give you that extra level of comfort during these weird times. It also has weather-resistant, ‘Cuban Missile’ hand-stitched red interior leather.  I’m telling you divorced suburban guys, buy one of these and you’ll have suburban ex-housewives begging to go for a ride. You’ll be Jeep waving at the poor souls who only have four wheels and she’ll be bragging nonstop on Instagram about her new Jeep sugar daddy.

How much does one of these cost? Let’s be real here, if you’re asking that you shouldn’t even be in the market for a 6X6 with Kevlar. Just go buy a stock Jeep and maybe upgrade to the fire extinguisher thing off the back roll bar. And then maybe upgrade to the LEDs in the spare wheel. Leave the 6X6 to the guys working on a $16,000,000 contract.

South Florida Jeeps is selling a 6X6 NOT WRAPPED with Kevlar for $150,000. The real shocker here is that the Jeep gets 29 mpg on the highway. Was not expecting that number.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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