ARod In A Beauty Mask, Shaq Chugs Two Water Bottles, Plus Mac & Sophie Celebrate NFL Draft Declaration

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My Twitter was hacked early this morning, so today’s Caps might seem off

I’m a little off my game this morning after spending an hour resetting passwords, contacting Twitter about being hacked and thinking of anything else I needed to take care of so hacker guy couldn’t do further damage. I’ll be honest, his actions have thrown me off my game a little bit. The head isn’t fully in the game right now. This must be what it feels like for a big-time athlete going through something like baby mama drama as he’s trying to do his job on the court or field.

Normally, I have like 10 different Twitter lists to go through to bring you guys the best stuff out there. Not today. Had to improvise while my head was spinning like a quarterback going through a divorce with a track star slam piece on the side while trying to lead the team to a Divisional round victory.

I’ll survive. Twitter will eventually recover the account for me, and we’ll get back on track. Until then, hang with me.

• I see many people saying how Urban Meyer is dumb for taking the Jags job and how this is a bad fit. Folks, have you ever been presented with a pile of money beyond your wildest dreams and the challenge of doing something people don’t think you can do? Of course you haven’t. So it might not last more than three years. Oh well. Steve Spurrier became the Redskins head coach at 57 and lasted two seasons. He made a boatload of money. Meyer will be 57 on opening day of the 2021 season and will be making a boatload of money. Spurrier’s NFL career ended with a 12-20 record. Nick Saban took over the Dolphins at 54 and went 15-17.

• Urban Meyer has suffered 32 losses as a head coach.

• Nick Saban has lost 17 games over the last 13 seasons.

COVID hospitalizations across the U.S. have dropped for two consecutive days. Would you be up for using a COVID passport booklet like they’re using in Israel? It would allow you to avoid going into isolation after entering a COVID “red zone” country and other access.

• There’s still snow in the forecast for Buffalo. Josh Allen played in snow at Wyoming. Just saying.

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