Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams CBS’s Inaccurate Headline About The Pothole He Filled

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If you’re going to come at Arnold Schwarzenegger, you best not miss.

We’re talking to you, CBS.

Days after the actor and former governor of California shared a video of himself fixing a pothole because the City of Los Angeles didn’t do it, CBS published an article claiming the pothole, wasn’t a pothole.

They posted an article saying that Schwarzenegger fixed a utility trench, not a pothole.

CBS’s article was about the City of Los Angeles’s statement on Schwarzenegger’s Pothole-gate. They released a statement saying the “pothole” was a utility trench and was supposed to be there.

Sounds to me like they wanted to make Schwarzenegger sound like a fool. It sure seems like he felt that way too.

Schwarzenegger saw this article and ripped it to shreds. He said that yes, it was from utility work, just utility work that had wrapped up months earlier and never fixed.

Trench, pothole; pothole, trench. It really doesn’t matter. The point is this: they left a giant hole in the street and didn’t fix it so, Arnold took his Hummer (I assume) down to Lowe’s and picked up a couple of sacks of Quikrete.

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger filling a pothole someday be in history books recalling the decline in institutional trust across America?

I mean, maybe. Why couldn’t it?

CBS’s story now comes with a Twitter disclaimer mentioning how the road work happened back in January.

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