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Don’t forget…Wednesday afternoon football on NBC

It’s the game you guys have been waiting for the last 10 days — the Ravens finally flew to Pittsburgh for a 3:40 ET Wednesday afternoon tilt that will be shown nationally on NBC. Why 3:40? NBC had already committed to the Rockefeller primetime tree lighting ceremony tonight. Now NBC is about to put up the biggest 3:40 Wednesday afternoon rating in broadcasting history. What kind of competition are we talking here? More rambling from cable news networks? You think a 3:30 Flip or Flop on HGTV is going to put up a fight against Big Ben vs. RGIII? NBC is about to brag about how they are unstoppable on Wednesday afternoons.

If you thought Wednesday NFL was rare, you were right.  According to NFL Research: “In 1933, the Steelers franchise, which was then known as the Pirates, had four Wednesday games and went 2-2. This will actually be the 11th Wednesday game for the Steelers franchise, which trails only Detroit (13 games).”

The line is up to -10, thanks to RGIII most likely getting the start. Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID and will not play.

• I’m sure you’ll see more about this today on OutKick: the CDC is reducing the recommended quarantine time for those who’ve been exposed to the virus. Looks like we’re going down to 7-10 days from 14. Now how exactly are you supposed to know where you fall in that 7-10 day recommendation? Flip a coin? Pick a number out of a hat? Expect college football teams to keep guys out seven days.

• Last night, I started reading Hillbilly Elegy so I can eventually compare it to the movie based on the book. It’s time to see if this book is as good as everyone says it is.

• For some reason this morning, I was trying to imagine living in Barrow, Alaska and watching Wednesday afternoon football in the dark at 11:40 a.m. Alaska Standard Time. That must be horrible.

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  1. I saw the preview for ‘Hillbilly Elegy’. It looks fine, but it seems more like a biopic about JD Vance, whereas the book is a collection of anecdotes and data about the hollers of Kentucky. I imagine the movie is probably entertaining, but I doubt it will compare to the book.

  2. Why is it every time someone feels the need to strip down and walk around naked in this country it is always some fugly ass person who most likely ought to be in a mental institute? Is it too much to ask to get a beautiful woman (or man for you ladies out there) to go streaking? Asking for a friend

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