Army-Navy Is Today, Lane Kiffin On Cover Of Time & Jack Murphy Stadium Is Being Torn Down

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The great news…it’s going to be 57…the bad news, it’s raining and windy

I like to think I’m a pretty positive person. That means you won’t see me complaining about 57-degrees on a college football Saturday in December. So I’ll open the garage door, let it rain, turn on a heater and enjoy fresh air. It’s feeling like a good day to hack around the garage and feel like a guy. Maybe rearrange the shovels on the pegboard. This is going to be one of those ‘keep busy’ days my father would dial up pretty much three out of four weekends per month, 12 months a year.

“Dad, what are you doing out there?”

“Keeping busy.”

He spends winter in Florida and without fail I can call and ask what he did on a random day and it will either be (A.) “Oh, I kept busy,” or (B.) “Went out on the boat and hacked around.” Hacked around on the boat meant driving around, maybe running it up on a Marco Island sandy beach.

So today I plan on keeping busy, after work.

• Speaking of keeping busy, people are hot tubing on the Hudson River to enjoy fresh air and as a way to keep busy. $100 for 90 minutes to hot tub in fresh air and look at the Statue of Liberty sounds like a good time.

• You’ll be watching the first Army-Navy game played at West Point since 1943. The game has been played in Philadelphia 89 times and New York City 11 times. Navy leads the all-time series 61-57-7.

• There’s a story out there of a 39-year-old man who obtained a fraudulent $350k PPP loan and headed to Vegas. The guy has pleaded guilty to bank fraud and the news is focused on that plea. I find myself focused on how the guy spent that money in Vegas. I need details. Is he a degenerate gambler? Strip club guy? This is the kind of thing that makes for a great book if he used the money wisely while in Vegas.

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