Army Medic Taylor Anne Makes Her Debut, Alaska Goes Wild & Aaron Rodgers Has Landed

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Aaron Rodgers is back, Simone Biles is out, & I need to call my friend Bret to get that Golden Tee machine we talked about

The big news this morning is that Simone Biles has pulled out of the Olympic team competition due to either a mental health issue or physical injury, and the typical talking heads are doing their best to break down that issue. Then we have Aaron Rodgers deciding he will indeed hop on his private jet and head to Green Bay for another training camp.

Meanwhile, all I can think about is how my friend Bret said his company has a Arcade1Up Golden Tee machine ready to be moved. Guys, basement season is quickly approaching and I have decided to save money and go with the arcade machine that won’t have me sweating when guys start spilling beer on it. I don’t want to be sitting at the bar thinking about my neighbor Mike spilling an IPA on a $4,000 Golden Tee control board. I want to sit there and watch 14 hours of football in peace, so I’ll go the much cheaper route and just relax this winter.

Speaking of sitting at the bar, I know many of you are wondering what takes so long with these projects I come up with. Well, life comes up. Golf trips happen. Anyway, here’s the bar top that will soon be installed. It’s cherry.


• Paul T. writes:

Good morning, I want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your coordinating the league. When I was a kid in the late 70’s and early 80’s my 7yrs of mowing the yard began since I was the youngest of 4 kids my turn was the longest…my dad always wanted it done Thursday or Friday at the latest so when he came home from work after a long week that our yard looked nice.

I didn’t get it so much then…but when I got a yard of my own…I get it…and when I pull up to my house on Friday afternoons I take pride in seeing my yard look nice reminds me of being a kid way back then.

I saw the recent posts for Saint Arnold’s Lawnmower beer…it is a solid beer…and I would be glad to send you some…I live in central Texas just north of Austin and like alot of the country it gets hot…and knocking down a few/several ice cold beers sure is a great reward when I get done…the beer pictured is Native Texan (I was born in New York but grew up in Houston) from Independence Brewery hit the spot…

• I love to hear stories like this one from Britt, whose mom has found companionship after losing her husband and the companion loves mowing. It sounds like mom is in a good spot, as is Britt knowing that his mom has found someone to spend life with. Good for all of you.

Britt writes:

Joe, love your work, Sir!  Read it every single day.  I am ashamed to say I don’t cut my own lawn any longer, but I do enjoy the stories and the pictures for those who are in the TNML.  Brilliant concept, Sir!  I do play golf, and my boy and I are planning to make your two-club tournament next year. 

A good old boy from Tennessee who grew up an Auburn fan, but went to Alabama (Bo Jackson was there, so cut me some slack).  Mom went to Bama, Dad went to The Plains; Mom won.  I am the unique Bama fan who also cheers for Auburn.  I guess growing up in Tennessee (just outside Nashville) makes that a little easier).  My Dad died a few years ago, and my Mom (former Top Coralla Beauty at Bama way back when, think it was ’65, pretty good lookin!!!) found a new good friend who she and my Dad spent time with back in their younger days (his wife, sadly, passed away about the same time).  A genuinely good man. 

At any rate, my man Allan loves nothing more than his lawn, and although I’ve not seen it, I trust that it is immaculate based on my Mom’s description.  I am about to purchase him an honorary TNMC hat so that he can join the club.  We, and by we, I mean Allan, my Mom (Barbara), and I would love nothing more than if you could publish this one so that he can see that his boy in VA is appreciative of his friendship with my Mom.

Thanks, Joe.  Keep up the good work! 



• Last week I forgot to mention IG follower Jonathan S. who went on a trip to Montana. “You gotta fire up the Griswold wagon and get out here,” he wrote. It turns out Jonathan escaped the Louisiana heat and ended up on a 16-mile overnight horseback ride from Nine Quarter Circle Ranch that he highly recommends. Listen, Montana is on the list. Trust me. I just need these kids to grow up a couple more years and then it’s going to happen. I’m thinking of doing the same RV trip my parents took my brother and I on when we were kids. This ranch looks perfect.


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  1. I visited Israel when I was in the military and they take their security seriously. They are surrounded by people that don’t want them to exist. It seems that they haven’t lowered their standards either. 😁. That being said, she needs to practice her reloading drills.

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