Armando Salguero

Armando Salguero is the Senior NFL Writer for OutKick covering all football storylines.

Salguero is an established writer and well recognized around the NFL with previous experience working for top-tier publications including ESPN, Miami Herald, Palm Beach News, and Miami News.

He also is a Pro Football Hall of Famer selector, Associated Press All-Pro voter, and received the top three Associated Press Sports Editor columnist award in 2016.

Latest from Armando

Ron Rivera Throws Eric Bieniemy Under The Bus By Revealing Players’ Complaints About New Commanders Coordinator

Strange situation with the Washington Commanders. That’s the best way to describe it following comments by coach Ron Rivera about his players and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Rivera at his press conference on Tuesday said players have come to him “just a little concerned” about Bieniemy’s coaching style. And those players have at times struggled More

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