Miami Herald Columnist Armando Salguero Destroyed Colin Kaepernick on Outkick with Clay

Total172 Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero joined Clay this morning on Outkick to discuss Colin Kaepernick. Salguero, who was born in Cuba, is one of the columnists to call out Kaepernick for using Fidel Castro in his push for social justice in the United States and points out just how sickening and hypocritical his views ...





Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP


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  1. I was a little kid when my parents emigrated to the US from what is now Ukraine. I have heard stories from my relatives of famine, imprisonment, anti-semitism, and other horrible things living in a communist country. Colin has no clue.

  2. As a Cuban American who’s grandfather fought in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and was a prisoner for 18 months after. I’m glad that people are speaking out against this disgusting viewpoint. It’s absolutely disgusting that people praise and support Castro, Guevara , or Marxism. I only have second hand knowledge from my family about how horrible it was and that is enough to despise all things socialism/communism/Marxism.

    Good thing in Kap’s form of “Marxism” he can sign massive deals with major corporations. Must be nice. We will see how it is when the government/state comes for that money he’s so willing to take. After the money they will come for everything else even your life.

    F Castro and F Marxism.

  3. Bravo, Clay !!! Bravo, Armondo Salguero !!!
    An amazing contrast when you hear people who have lived through political and religious oppression, and torture, and famine…and hear them speak about their lives before they reached freedom. Then contrasted with these faux and sham charlatans and hucksters talk about oppression in their $400 Nikes and $200 jeans. Thank you, Clay, for all your efforts!

  4. I listened to this in real time. Before it was over, I was telling people to make sure they go download the podcast and listen to this interview. You could hear the emotion in Armando’s voice. When he was done, you just heard Clay pause, take a deep breath, and say “wow”. Hearing perspectives that you won’t hear on any mainstream site or channel is the reason I listen to and read Outkick on a daily basis.

  5. Awesome interview today.

    Kap is such a fraud. Notice he stays mostly quiet. Just like joe Biden. The left sells the public an image. That image can be shattered when their image opens its mouth and says something. Kap is not bright, but he is the perfect vessel for the left. A mindless idiot.

    Sorry. A mindless RICH idiot.

    Why isn’t Kap A Joe Biden VP candidate. Just imagine the campaign slogans. Slogan Candidates, where the candidate never speaks without a script. Or a voice over.

  6. Definitely not going to have this type of honest discussion on MSESPN Radio with guys like Greenberg, Kellerman and whoever the hell else they got running things over there. MSESPN Radio is dead, Outkick and Fox Sports Radio are the new kings.

  7. This was truly one of the best interviews Ive heard. More people need to seek truth about Kaepernick. Back in 2011 he wished America happy birthday. Man it fell off the rails quick, without social media he might not have been radicalized. He had the audacity to tell a Cuban immigrant how his country was actually a beautiful place even though it was being run by tyrants. Kap’s ego is absurd. The kneeling was always about the flag. Like Lebron, nobody fact checks Colin or informs in. Hes so immodest and I credit armando for hanging tough and fighting back. More people need to hear these truths about Kap.

    I love that ESPN hired Kap. I want them to go full wokecenter. Only read the website headlines, and have avoided switching on the channel. Hope outkick can outrate them. NBA and NFL could see massive rating hits. That can truly inspire athletes to value fans who love America, sports and competition. Terrific job and interview.

    • Thank you Clay and Armando Salguero! That was a very great conversation that I would never have heard about if it wasn’t on I appreciate how passionate you were Armando!

  8. We have a Cuban at a warehouse that I work at part-time. Most people complain about the job. He LOVES it. He’s been there about five years and still seems as happy as he was when he first started. I asked him why he loves it so much.

    Air conditioning. Ha. Americans take that for granted in most indoor jobs.

    I’ve never been to Cuba. I’ve noticed a lot of young liberals support Cuba (is it just because Bernie tells them too?). Cubans don’t share those sentiments.

    I have no idea why any athlete would support an extreme leftist economy. I can respect Kaepernick having an opinion on systematic oppression. But his Cuba take was void. This interview explains why.

  9. There really is no word for Kap and the leftist media’s obsession with Marxism. If it’s so bad here, why do people kill themselves trying to get here, and why does nobody do the same trying to get to somewhere else to live? Their arguments are so easy to deconstruct even I can do it.

  10. Armando was phenomenal today. Appreciate all the feedback on the interview. It’s one of the most well received we have done in a long time.

    If you’re up early in the morning, the radio show is on a real roll right now. We’re having a lot of fun and adding a ton of listeners.

    But interviews like this make it all worthwhile.

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