Arkansas Razorbacks/Green Bay Packers Fan Pops The Question In Front Of A Culver’s Sign

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We have our very first Arkansas Razorbacks/Green Bay Packers fan wedding proposal in front of a Culver’s sign in Wisconsin of the 2020 NFL season. Ralph “RJ” Sirna Jr., wearing his Ray Nitschke throwback and Arkansas Razorbacks hat, got down on one knee and asked April Masterson the question women wait their entire lives to hear.

Not only did RJ ask April to be his wife, but he also got Culver’s to pop the question on its store sign. “April, Will you marry me? Love, RJ,” the sign read.

Masterson’s family was in from Arkansas, so if RJ was going to pull off his masterplan, now was the time.

“We really like their concrete mixers, so he asked us to meet him there,” April told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “When we were close, he said ‘I needed to wait for him in the car,’ and I thought something was up.”

Take notes fellas. You don’t have to create some Instagram-inspired midfield wedding proposal to be successful. Sometimes it’s the little things women are looking for like ice cream and a thoughtful moment in front of a Wisconsin staple like Culver’s. Remember, the more elaborate the wedding proposal means the more elaborate the wedding shower is, which means the wedding has to be over-the-top. That leads to the eventual gender reveal party being over-the-top, which leads to the birth photos being crazy and then comes the first birthday party. Your over-the-top wife will get addicted to the ‘likes’ & “you have such a dream life” comments on Facebook and won’t be able to stop. The train left the station at the wedding proposal.

It won’t be long and you’ll be working hard to carve out space in your own house to be a guy. Soon, you’ll be buying a 50″ TV for the garage where you’ll be spending most of your time just to get away from the constant stream of Hobby Lobby seasonal decorations. Keep the proposals simple like RJ did here and it’ll save you so much trouble down the road.

This just happend !!!

Posted by April Masterson on Saturday, September 19, 2020

Written by Joe Kinsey

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