Arkansas High School’s Season Ends In Brutal Fashion After Taking A Knee & Leaving Time On The Clock

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You can hear it in the broadcaster’s voice when he says “oh no.” He knows the Internet is about to see one of the most brutal ways to lose a high school football playoff game and that’s via the team winning by one, Fayetteville (AR) taking a knee on 4th down inside their own 15-yard line when there was time left on the clock. “Oh boy,” the SBLive Arkansas broadcaster adds as Little Rock Central (3-4) pleads for time to be put back on the clock, trailing 35-34.

You know where this is going. Central lines up for a 29-yard-field goal to win it. “It’s good, he made it,” the Fayetteville broadcaster says. “Oh my gosh, Little Rock Central wins the game. And Fayetteville’s season ends in heartbreak.”

That absolutely sums up this one. Want to talk about having nightmares the rest of your life? There are seniors on that field who will never play another game of football. This one is going to sting for a long time for those kids.

It didn’t take long for outrage to set in and calls for the coach to be fired:

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