Arkansas Fans Set A New Jello Shot College World Series Record

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In one of the greatest displays of Jello shot consumption ever seen in this country, Arkansas Razorbacks fans found out Sunday they’d done something never accomplished before in the history of the College World Series.

With 3,416 Jello shots consumed since Thursday, Pig Sooie fans set a new Jello shot record at Rocco’s Pizza in Omaha where a dry eraser board keeps track of the Jello consumed by fans of teams in the College World Series.

Buy a $4.50 shot, it gets counted towards the running total.

Omaha might be home to Warren Buffet and all his greatness with financial numbers, but Rocco’s clearly needs to be congratulated on creating one of America’s best uses of a dry eraser board.

This is marketing at is greatest level in the social media era: Create a visual that peer pressures fellow baseball fans into a Jello shot competition with nothing on the line besides bragging rights.


Throw four SEC teams into the mix. Add in Irish Catholics who like alcohol, fans from Oklahoma and Texas who like to compete with one another and you had all the ingredients needed for Jello shot records to fall this summer.

Bar manager Pat McEvoy told KNWA that this all started in 2018 when he was looking for a way to get fans fired up and competing off the field. Things heated up in 2019 when Arkansas fans bought 868 shots. Word was out on the streets about this shot challenge and that led to 2021 when Mississippi State fans came in and hammered nearly four times that number.

“They came in here and said we’re going to win or lose in the stadium, but we’re going to win here at Rocco’s. This is going to be a Mississippi State thing. It was really cool to see,” McEvoy said.

The Jello shot record sat at 2,900 entering the 2022 College World Series. It’s history.

As of the last updated leaderboard, Arkansas now holds the record at 3,416 and they’re in the winners’ bracket of the actual CWS, so they’ll be around the rest of the week.

Even Ole Miss, who meets Arkansas in a Monday showdown (6 p.m., ESPN) on the field, will smash the old mark.

As it stands:

• 7,922 Jello shots purchased at Rocco’s

• $35,649 in Jello shot sales since Thursday

OutKick’s Trey Wallace will be in Omaha starting Wednesday to possibly test these Jello shots. Stay tuned.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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