Arkansas AD Takes Shot At Bobby Petrino Following Scrimmage Injury

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Hours after Arkansas athletic director Hunter Yurachek was on the wrong end of a cleat to the face, the Razorbacks AD took a shot at former head coach Bobby Petrino. Face bruised and bloodied but sense of humor intact, he took to social media to remind everyone he was at the scrimmage, not on his hog…

Yurachek was of course referencing Petrino’s 2012 motorcycle mishap. In the most talked about college football motorcycle scene since a drunk Joe Kane took Louanne for a post practice spin, Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident not far from campus. The then Razorbacks’ head coach suffered a number of minor injuries and was ultimately fired after he was found to have had a female passenger joining him on his chopper. The female co-rider was a former Arkansas volleyball player-turned football program employee. And oh yeah, her and Petrino were having an affair.

Fortunately for Yurachek, his injuries weren’t serious and he was able to continue making light of the incident.

Three weeks ahead of the season opener against Rice, Yurachek and second-year head coach Sam Pittman are hopeful that the Razorbacks will spend the fall punishing opponents rather than their own. An improvement on last season’s 3-7 record would make for a much smoother ride.

Written by Anthony Farris

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