Arizona Rep. Wants To See A Trump-Biden Rematch By End Of 2021

Balboa vs. Creed. McEnroe vs. Borg. The 2003 and ’04 Yankees vs. Red Sox.

These are some of the greatest rematches witnessed in American history, and Republicans in Arizona want to add Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden to the ticket — following a ballot recount in Maricopa County that revived a waning storyline. And with the expectation to see the presidential rematch take place before 2022.

Ardent Republican Rep. Paul Gosar gave his thoughts on the state’s recount and provided a surprising outlook for a potential rematch to follow in the coming months — resting on claims of persistent discrepancy in voter numbers.

Results from the audit, disclosed Friday, confirmed Biden as the victor of the Purple state. Gosar spoke with the Undercurrent following the results.

“My suggestion is that we actually have some hearings and look over this batch and set a new election for Biden and Trump before the end of the year,” said Gosar, prodding at a new hope that additional ballot recounts in several states, including Texas, will find fault in the Dominion voting system. However, according to the review process, findings from these audits will not be able to alter the outcome of the 2020 election.

“It was a good start because we now know that fraud was there,” he added “Yeah, they made their case very well. The thing about it is that they weren’t given the tools to make a full disclosure.”

Gosar continues to poke at the Left with a fervor to see Trump replace Sleepy Joe after seven disastrous months in office.

“Leftists have been triggered into insane levels of dishonesty and have worked themselves into a froth just to stop this audit [in Arizona]. Only people with something to hide would oppose a truth-finding mission.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. The communications about these ballot recounts are never clear. If you listen to mainstream media they say that the recounts showed there wasn’t fraud – yet you have some officials saying after the fact that there was. So which is it? Where is the evidence? Why can’t we prove fraud with the mail-in ballots? My head is spinning.

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