Diamondbacks Pitcher Zac Gallen Channels Inner Randy Johnson, Accidentally Hits Bird With Throw

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One of the most famous moments in baseball history came when Randy Johnson nailed a bird with a pitch. Because “The Big Unit” threw the ball so hard, the bird exploded. Like the former Diamondbacks pitcher, current D’Backs hurler Zac Gallen hit with a throw.

Though, Gallen’s bird-seeking missile was not nearly as dramatic. For one, Gallen was warming up in the outfield, not pitching from the mound. Secondly, he apparently threw a curveball.

So, he hit the bird, but it didn’t not explode like when Johnson hit a bird. However, he did end the life of the bird, unfortunately.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also remind everyone of Randy Johnson’s moment.

Zac Gallen becomes second Diamondbacks pitcher to hit a bird with a baseball, reminding everyone of Randy Johnson

It’s fascinating that both pitchers who have hit birds with baseballs were members of the Arizona Diamondbacks at the time.

Though, Johnson’s pitch came during spring training. Gallen hit a bird on a Major League Baseball field, but not during play.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Zac Gallen hit a bird with a throw during warmups, conjuring images of Randy Johnson.
Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Zac Gallen hit a bird with a throw during warmups, conjuring images of Randy Johnson. (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

That still remains something we’ve yet to see. A Major League player, during a Major League regular season or playoff game, hitting a bird.


I’m not saying I’m hoping it happens, it’s rather more crazy that it’s never actually happen.

Think of all the throws that happen over the course of a Major League baseball season. And MLB parks aren’t lacking an avian presence.

Perhaps birds have learned to avoid baseballs over the years. Not the one in Arizona on Wednesday, obviously.

What is it with West Coast birds? Johnson hit a bird in Tucson, Arizona. Gallen hit a bird in Oakland, California.

Maybe those on the East Coast are just smarter than those on the West Coast.

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