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Happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate and are about to watch 18 hours of football because there’s nothing else to do in this weather

Guys, you gotta get your head in the game today. It’s NFL Sunday on a Saturday. We’re talking 8(!) 1 p.m. kickoffs to choose from including must-see action in Cleveland where both teams are on life support and it’s going to take a valiant effort for a dome team — the Saints — to roll into northern Ohio and win in brutal conditions.

Let me tell you, if today’s game features any of the weather going on outside my window, you’re going to see guys regretting life even though many are paid millions to gut out four hours of football. The wind in NW Ohio has been howling all night and it’s expected to be blowing 25-35 with higher gusts in Cleveland for kickoff.

God bless the hearty fans who plan to show up for this one. Please create some content for SeanJo to feature in his Christmas Screencaps report.

Of course I’ll be watching my Bengals in New England against the Patriots. Cincinnati hasn’t won at New England since 1986, yet Joe Burrow and that defense are a 3-point favorite.

Here’s a number Roger Goodell loves to see on Christmas Eve:

Quick hitters:

โ€ข The Titans can’t possibly lose to the Texans who are actively trying to lose to prevent losing the No. 1 pick to the Bears. Here’s the current draft order.

โ€ข Welcome to the Malik Willis era. If you’re a wild card team with the possibility of facing the Jags or the Titans, you’re sitting pretty today.

โ€ข The under on Willis’s passing yards might not be as far-fetched as you think when you consider how Derrick Henry has performed against the Texans. You’ve been warned.

โ€ข It’s no secret that Screencaps has sorta jumped on the Detroit Lions bandwagon. You guys like an underdog and Detroit — longest playoff win drought in the NFL — just might be that team this year. The Lions are still alive, the schedule is in their favor and now they just need a little help from their friends.

โ€ข Eagles-Cowboys at 4:25 on Christmas Eve? Are you kidding me? Incredible job by the schedule maker. Even if you hate both teams, you can’t deny this is fun NFL theater while hanging at the family Christmas party. Just think of the content we’re going to see from families that have Cowboys and Eagles fans. Guaranteed drama. And Gardner Minshew is starting.

โ€ข Cheap ticket report:

  1. $29 gets you into Seahawks-Chiefs
  2. There are plenty of $2 tickets available in Cleveland
  3. Tickets as low as $9 are for sale to the Bills-Bears game
  4. $36 gets you into Bengals-Patriots
  5. Titans fans have given up and the cold has them rethinking life. $9 gets you into Nissan Stadium
  6. In Baltimore where they’re fighting for a division title, you can buy $4 to see today’s game against the Falcons
  7. Tonight’s 50th-anniversary Raiders-Steelers game isn’t exactly a hot ticket. You have big balls to pay $9 and then sit in the upper deck.

โ€ข For those keeping track at home:

Winter grillin’

Davey Hudson is the executive producer (I think that’s his title) for the OutKick 360 show. Look at this piece of art his uncle dialed up last night. And to think this was just a hot topic on Screencaps this week. Once again, that’s the power of this column. You guys are the pulse of America.

โ€ข Bill S. in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin writes:

I have a tradition for cold-weather grilling that the Screencaps crowd might appreciate. I live in Sheboygan Falls, Wis., where we grill brats and other meats year-round. In Jan. 1982, while in law school at the Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, the temperature dipped to 26 below zero (we did not have wind chill back then). My roommate and I decided it was a good night to grill brats. We started a charcoal fire in a cheap grill we bought at Walgreens and started the process. We took turns running out to the second-floor balcony of our rental flat to turn the brats. Our grill did not have a top so it took about 90 minutes (a six-pack of cheap beer) to finish the brats.

I decided that I would commemorate that feat each year on what I now call F-You Mother Nature Night. The first night of each winter season that the temperature drops below zero, I fire up the charcoal grill and cook brats, steak or pork chops. Now I use a โ€œSmokey Joeโ€ Weber grill with a top so the process takes less time.

I agree with your correspondents who contend that the Weber charcoal grill is the best way to do cold-weather grilling. But there is a more practical reason. When I was young and learning to grill, I asked my father why we used a charcoal grill, not a gas one. He explained that it took the charcoal 30-45 minutes to get to the right temperature and another 15 minutes to grill the meat โ€” just the right amount of time to enjoy a cocktail or two before eating. With gas, the grill is ready in an instant and there is no time to relax.

By the way, it was one-below here on Dec. 21 and I enjoyed a New York Strip steak to mark FYMN Night 2022-23. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good grill.


  1. Yep, another Bill has joined the Screencaps movement.
  2. I don’t need Christmas gifts when first-time emailers provide me with “F You Mother Nature” grilling stories.
  3. The smile on Bill’s face must be priceless when he holds his yearly FYMN nights. Kudos to you, Bill, for staying true to a 40-year tradition. That’s a lot of cold weather grillin’.
  4. I really need to do a ‘Bill’ count. We have to be up to at least two dozen ‘Bills’ that email the inbox.

Christmas menu

โ€ข Craig from Kirkland, Washington writes:

The beauty of family traditions is that each family can have it’s own.  Neither my wife or I are big fans of turkey or ham so for Christmas we do a version of surf and turf – steak and salmon with whatever sides sound good that year. This year: asparagus, baked potatoes, cesear salad, french bread and a selection of holiday cookies and deserts.

Those who are disappointed with something non-traditional can bring their own food (as you pointed out), have their ‘Christmas Dinner” another night and they can offer to host in following years.

Side note – on grilling in the cold (Christmas in my case) some bbq manufacturers sell cold weather blankets or wraps for their bbq’s for this very purpose.

Happy Holidays to all and enjoy your family traditions!!!


Hey Craig, ever come across a guy using a throw rug to keep a grill warm out in Washington?

Christmas getaway reports

โ€ข Louie in Savannah has been quiet. It turns out he was on a mini vacation to get prepped for Christmas:

Merry Christmas to you and everyone else out in CAPS Nation.

You asked for stories about Christmas travel the other day and my familyโ€™s trip was not very long, but incredibly enjoyable. We went to the Smoky Mountains in NC.

Took the the boys on the Polar Express, they wore pajamas but momma and I did not. Lol. I did see lots of mom and dads fully committed to the pajama attire and good for them. Also did a Christmas hayride at Darnell Farms (hard working family farm, great people) and did a lot of eating and shopping on Main St in Bryson City, NC. Itโ€™s a quiet, little town that I would recommend to anyone.

I enclosed a couple of pics of the view from our cabin and the national park where we hiked.

Back home now waiting on Santa, looking forward to the game tomorrow afternoon between my confused Pats and your Bengals. I think Darth Bill and his son Steve have some tricks up their sleeve to cause Joe Cool to have a rough afternoon but time will tell.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe!

Here comes southern California bragging about their weather

โ€ข Chas G. in Toluca Lake, California, who could be considered the leader of the the southern California Screencaps contingent that isn’t cool with the state being turned into a literal shit hole like Mark Cuban described it this week, writes:

To quote Lee Corso โ€˜Not so fast my friendโ€™ in response to Nick C. from Miami on where the โ€˜sunny weatherโ€™ will be this Christmas Weekend. As you pointed out, not in Miami.

It will be here in Southern California with temperatures over the next 4 days @ 73, 79, 81 Christmas Day(perfect for shorts and grilling) and 78 on Monday (great weather for horse racing and Santa Anita Opening Day). But, by Tuesday the rains will come.

However, at least we have the weather to enjoy this Christmas weekend because thatโ€™s all we have to enjoy here in California – better known as the Republic of Liberal Wokeness – where all freedomโ€™s, rights and speech, come to die.

Stay warm and have a Merry Christmas.

That’s an interesting request considering how these guys haven’t been an official group in 42 years

โ€ข Todd Z. sent this in at 2:16 a.m. ET:

What Screencaps needs is some Led Zeppelin. 

I think a picture of the greatest rock-n-roll band ever should make an appearance on SC every now and again. 


Someone had a great Friday night in the man cave or the garage listening to Pandora or perhaps a YouTube live performance from 1970 at The Royal Albert Hall.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget that this year was the 60th anniversary of the Rolling Stones.

Some of you guys are getting old.

East coast JT checks in

โ€ข J.T. N. writes:

Been awhile since I’ve checked in, you’re chugging along putting out the Red Blooded American content we deserve. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family, best wishes for the upcoming year as well. 

Our latest masterpiece on the coast. My offer still stands for when Mrs Screencaps decides on the conservatory, you’ll get a great deal on it. 


We’d definitely be the talk of our suburban NW Ohio neighborhood if J.T. brought in a crane to drop a conservatory on top of our house. I’m just not sure I’m ready to see my neighbors while looking out of a beautiful conservatory window.

Now, some of you have houses that could use a huge glass atrium extension like what J.T. installs. Just imaging those nights sipping bourbon in your very own conservatory. That’s some elite living.

Look at these spaces J.T. creates:


Merry Christmas Eve from the Ts in France

โ€ข Mike T. writes:

Cindy T. picking our Christmas goodies Uzes, France:

And that’s it, a loaded Christmas Eve Screencaps is in the books. Don’t expect this kind of production out of me in the middle of the summer when it’s 78 and beautiful.

Now go have yourselves an incredible holiday weekend. Stay safe on the roads. Use Uber. Don’t feel obligated to argue with your lib lib family members. Enjoy all that football and the food and drinks.

Merry Christmas.


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