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Corny A&M Yell Leaders are exactly what we need in college sports

I know it’s the cool thing on social media this week to feign outrage over the hillbilly and toothless jokes told by the Texas A&M Yell Leaders the night before their team managed eight first downs against App State.


Dumb jokes by college coeds, whether it’s vocal and on video at A&M or on the side of frat houses across the south, are just business as usual. It’s business as usual for West Virginia coeds to hang banners proclaiming, “We hope your son’s pullout game is STRONG.”


“Our milkshakes bring all the DILFs to the Yard.”


“She called you daddy for 18 years now it’s our turn.”

Crude? Sure. But it’s college.

I saw on social media where people are feigning outrage over how Yell Leaders would never make a joke about Chiraq or some other gang-infested city. It’s like people don’t remember Catholics vs. Convicts shirts which have been around since 1988.

Personally, I’m over here hoping the Yell Leaders double down this week as The U. comes to town. I want cocaine jokes. Jokes about Warren Sapp sacking hookers in a hotel hallway after he was (allegedly) ripped off.

I want convict jokes and then that little yoga pose thing the Yell Leaders do.

And I want A&M to stop trying to eliminate the App State video from the Internet. Stand behind the corny jokes. You earned that embarrassment on the field. Now own it.

• Chris B. in Houston writes:

Outkick and the rest of the internet sure are having a field day with the Aggies today.  We are an easy punching bag after that awful game, but the Yell Leaders have been doing that bit for decades and will keep doing it for many more. 

To warm up for Saturday night’s Convicts vs Rednecks game, on Friday at midnight there will be more rowdy cult members in Kyle Field snickering at corny jokes, yelling their heads off, and generally having a blast than many colleges will have at their games. College kids doing stupid shit for giggles happens all over this great country. 

Bama has their bow head girls’ TikTok sensation.  The Ags have ROTC guys being goofballs & talkin shit.  People that don’t like it shouldn’t rush a sorority & shouldn’t go to yell practice.  As for all the shots about NIL, the Aggies definitely have lotsa alum with big checkbooks and so do many other schools. 

Just up the road, I don’t care how much money his family has… if you don’t think Arch is getting a bag to take his talents to Austin (where every O lineman gets a salary) then I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona for you.  Pour one out for Sark for landing the Manning, but there also should be mention of the big horns that banked him. 

It ain’t just in the great state of Texas either, Mal Nelson is gonna get all the gold in California from the Trojans and CJ Stroud is spreading OSU’s collective love pimping out his teammates like an NFL QB gifting Rolexs for Christmas.  And all of that is OK!  Like it or not, that is what college football has become and those rich kids ain’t givin it back if their team lays an egg. 

Congrats to App State on their big fun win that sucked assss for us.  And keep crackin the Aggie jokes.  It’s all good.  Our conservative little Texas town doesn’t give a damn what the thin-skinned woke world thinks.  Gig Em.

‘Bite the bullet and get DirecTV’

• Jim M. in West Lafayette, IN writes

Sorry on your Bengals. But especially sorry for all those Cowboys owners out there. I’m a Colts Gauntlet owner. I was ready to kill Blankenship. And also practice place kicking. Of course, the Giants stealing a win gave me a point I wasn’t expecting.

So, I guess I’m even. I’m guessing that’s the way it will be. I was a kick away from tying for our early lead with 3 points or at the bottom with 1. Our only person with a chance of winning every game got burned by the Bengals kicker as well. I’ll take the 2.  My rooting team – Da Bears – even surprised me with a cover and a win – thanks to the rain. Maybe I need to watch the weather ladies for betting tips instead of Outkick’s betting advice.

As for losing picture, and having game-watching issues, I realize the advice I am about to give is probably heresy in these days of streaming, and of course, you’ll need Amazon Prime to get the Thursday night games, but I’m telling you, bite the bullet and get DirecTV.

Not the Now or other streaming services, or whatever else they’ve got. Get the satellite and get Sunday Ticket. I’ve had DirecTv since it was rolled out by General Motors 25 years ago or so. AT&T is selling them – hooray – so hopefully their once stellar customer service and website gets straightened out under new management. It’s not cheap. And it is a pain having to get small receivers for each TV after your primary box. But for sports overall it is the best option, still has a better picture than anything streaming, and gives you more coverage of what you want to watch than any streaming service, with the option to add on – for $$ – more of what you want.

And I do mean more than any streaming service. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but it is the way to go. Heck, I’ve been a customer so long, I got a little thank you bonus this year of free Sunday Ticket. It’s great for college football Saturdays as well. I’d look into it.

I’m glad Jim M. sent this email Monday because it brings up a great question for all the DirecTV customers: What’s your plan next year when the Sunday Ticket moves to either Apple TV or Amazon?

I was on my way to get the kids at school yesterday when I heard a DirecTV commercial proclaiming that Sunday Ticket is free this year if you sign a two-year contract.

Wait, so I get the Sunday Ticket for a year, then I have DirecTV with no Sunday Ticket in 2023 and I have to buy another subscription for Apple TV or Amazon?

It seems like the play at this time is to sit still and not get locked into a deal and then strike in 2023 when this gets sorted out.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong with this plan.


That Bengals loss

• Paul Q. sums it up pretty well:

I think that one hurt more than the Super Bowl loss.

Busch Light boycott

• Rod in Freeport, IL writes:

Joe, I’m a little late to this party, but wanted to share my boycott story.  While Busch Light is the beer if choice for many, I cannot bring myself to purchase, let alone drink, any Anheuser-Busch product, and this goes to when they owned the St. Louis Cardinals. 

August (Gussie) Busch III was a great owner until he passed in 1989.  August IV, though, ran the team as a tax write-off and didn’t invest in the team, taking inspiration from the Tribune Company and how they ran the Cubs.  Finally, after 3 years and horrible teams, I swore off A-B products.  Why invest in them if they won’t invest in the team?  I started drinking Miller on principal, quit going to games and swore not to return until they sold the team. 

In 1995, they finally sold the team to Bill DeWitt, but I continued my boycott.  To this day, if anything Anheuser-Busch is in the house, we have to find room in the regular fridge, as I won’t desecrate the beer fridge.  Petty, but they started it.  Keep up the great work.

The Art of the Garage Fridge

• Sean C. in Granger, IN writes:

I was in the process of tinkering with my man cave garage when your Screencaps last week with wanting to see garage fridges.

This is something that has evolved over time since I moved into this house 6 years ago. The former owner was a mechanic and used this front-loading garage to fix cars. Since that’s not something in my skill set, I did what I know, and turned it into an outdoor paradise.

It’s certainly been a process, but the corner-mounted 75-inch TV really put it all together. Darts and Ms. Pac-Man can keep people entertained during breaks in the action, while the fridge remains stocked.

I have to mention a disclaimer, I’m coming off hosting a party from last weekend, so my fridge isn’t quite representative of what the distribution typically is. There’s usually less pop, but more water. I don’t usually have Bud Light unless a friend brought it over. And, the Busch NA is new. Again, it was a leftover from the party, and as you can see, it’s still there. But, I’m willing to give it a shot when the moment demands it. 

• Louis in Savannah sent in his garage fridge and I love how he left this as raw art. He could’ve gone Kardashian on that fridge, but he knows this is a safe zone where we love raw art. Show it as is.

Sent a couple pics of my garage fridge as you requested, she’s nothing special but she does the job. She also doubles as a storage area as you can see.  Lots of school artwork from the boys and a few stickers for personalization. Notice the deep freezer right next to it, also a necessity.

Inside the garage fridge is standard, some leftovers, lots of stuff for the boys, and some beers for mom and dad.

I threw in a couple of pictures of my flooded back yard, we’ve had SEVERAL inches of rain the last few days. I actually have water fowl hanging out in my yard like it’s the Everglades.

Absolutely crazy!!!!  No mowing here for a while.

Hope all is well in the Kinsey Mancave, other than the Bengals score.


The thing I love about Louis’ garage fridge is how he has the helium tank from Party City and the water balloons. Total Dad Garage Fridge moves right there.

And how about all that artwork that’s piling up from the kids. It’s perfect. Hey kids, love ya, now watch me bury your artwork 40 pieces deep. 

We’re all pretty much Louis in Savannah.

And with that, let’s go have a great day. It’s an off-night for those of us who work football weekends. I don’t want to watch sports of any sort. Give me the birds chirping on the patio or a documentary.

Any suggestions?


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