Arianny Celeste In Her Birthday Suit, Vikings Fan Table Smash Failure & Vintage Broncos Ball Boy Mike McDaniel

Weekend observations because it’s Monday morning and that’s the best time to do these

  • Have you ever heard of a fall Sunday afternoon wedding? The board op for a radio show I used to appear on with my Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational co-event chair, Anthony Bellino, got married yesterday at like 4 p.m. just after the Lions were beating the Bears. It’s one of the most absurd times for a wedding I’ve ever heard of. Pure insanity. It’s right up there with Peyton Hillis getting married on a Tuesday in the middle of the season when he was a beast for the Browns.
  • *Disclaimer* — Fox News Corp. pays my salary, but this is purely my opinion not based on my paycheck — Fox has its broadcasting stud of the future in Joe Davis. That was Davis on the mic during the Vikings-Bills game. I know some of you want announcerless games, but Sunday’s game was brilliant work from Davis. It was being in the same room with one of your buddies who’s losing his mind as this crazy game is breaking out. But it wasn’t annoying or condescending like Joe Buck on the mic. Throw in Kevin Burkhardt’s performance during the Cowboys-Packers game and Fox is set.
  • I’m so happy I didn’t jump on the Joe Thomas bandwagon over the Jeff Saturday hiring. That was fairly out of character for Thomas, so it was either the jet lag from flying to Germany or he knows someone on the Colts staff who really wanted that interim head coaching gig. Look, if I’m going to get emotional over the Colts it has to be over that 2014 AFC Finalist banner or Jim Irsay having his cheerleaders shoot a calendar in a creek running behind his mansion.
  • Costco is now selling an 85″ LG for under $1k. How are we feeling about LGs these days? I’ve never owned one.
  • Did I really see bars and restaurants starting to run legitimate Sunday food and beer promotions? It feels like I haven’t seen anything like that in the last two years. Is this a sign deflation could be arriving for the restaurant industry? Someone reading this has to own a bar or restaurant. What are the conditions out there?
  • Jimmy G. is 35-17 in the regular season for the 49ers. And he’s headed to Mexico!
  • I hope the people that love winter and snow are happy. That was a ruined weekend due to the weather. And next weekend might not get above freezing. Absolutely disgusting weather for those of us who have trees that don’t drop leaves until Thanksgiving.
  • Quick hitter: Chris B. in Houston saw this one out and about.


• Tom H., my maple syrup source in Fort Wayne, IN writes:

Hello Joe. I sent the email below back in June but did not recall getting a response but that might be my fault. I’ve “lost” a few emails here and there!  Anyway, I offered you two tickets to your Bengals game in Pittsburgh. They are still yours if you want them.

You’re damn right I pumped out an email to Tom this morning. This is a must-win for MY Bengals. My only concern here is that it’s a 4:25 kickoff and that could be dangerous heading into Thanksgiving Week. However, this is a sports site and it’s time to get into the wild to see some football.

Indy Daryl has an NFL scoring proposal

• Daryl writes:

Bills vs Vikings: how awesome would it be if the kickoff right now was worth one point?!?!?!

And Daryl wasn’t done. He sent out an email on Saturday to show off the snow near Indianapolis.

So, glad you were able to have what seems like a wonderful vacation with the Mrs. it certainly sounds like a fantastic time!

We woke up to snow this morning, and it kept snowing for most of the day, accumulating about 3” on the grass! Couldn’t pass up a run in the first snow of the season and my beard tells the tale.

As for my NFL idea: I think that all kickoffs that go through the opposing uprights should be worth one point. Think of the strategy and all the chaos that could ensue!!! Start the game and score a point, going up 1-0 before the other team has even touched the ball. Score late? Go for the win on the kick off instead of the two point conversion!! Just a thought, but I think it would just be wonderful to watch.

Have a great night!!

Spanish beer

I was starting to worry about Mike T. and Cindy T. consuming too much wine and not enough beer. Then Mike hammered out a Sunday email.

• Mike T. writes:

Didn’t want you to think we were slacking this weekend. We were doing extensive research into Spanish beers.

Beer in Spain is popular by regional preferences. Most Spanish beers are Pilsner style and finish clean and fresh as it can be very hot here. Alcohol is usually 4.5% to 5.5%

Best sellers are, Mahor, Cruzampo, San Miguel, Estrella Galicia, Amstel. Didn’t see any light beers.

All have been sampled and found to be delicious. Especially at €2 per beer, the standard price for a small pour at the bars!

Adios Amigo!

Random thoughts and what are Nick Cannon’s baby mamas thinking?

• John L. writes:

As a banker who spent 37 years on Wall Street and survived the market meltdowns of 1987, 1998, 2008 (when shares of my employer tumbled to 98 cents), and everything in between, my advice to Screencaps readers is not to invest any funds in crypto that you can’t afford to lose completely.  Thank goodness one of my own investment advisors talked me out of putting money into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust over a year ago.

I am less troubled by Nick Cannon now having fathered 12 kids then by the assortment of women giving birth to his children.  I can only wonder what they are thinking:  Do they believe they have attached themselves to the goose that lays golden eggs?  Do they think they are going to have a lifetime annuity?  Good luck fighting over the scraps when he reaches his shelf life.

Around Veterans Day I make a point of pulling out some of my late father’s WWII memorabilia.  He was in the 101st Airborne Division, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, and survived D-Day, the invasion of Holland, and the Battle of the Bulge.  Dad never talked that much about the war, but I am so proud of his service.  See the attached photo.

Enjoy your football and your chile!

John, first of all, thanks to your father for his service. Thank you for showing off the memorabilia.

I don’t know how to transition to the Nick Cannon tidbit, but here we go: I’m convinced these Instagram models want a Nick Cannon child for two reasons — the 18-year monthly check and so they can turn the children into their own little Kardashian-like clan. That’s the game, John. Maybe they get a reality show. Maybe they get the kid an NIL deal with some clothing company.

And with that, I need to get this week started. Folks, we’ve arrived at a huge moment for the holiday season. Things are getting serious. This is your final full week of work before random days off to burn through your vacation time.

Let’s have a big week.


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