ARCA Driver Taylor Gray, 15, Rockets Around Daytona While Recording Snapchat

ARCA driver Taylor Gray, 15, caused racing fans to melt down over the weekend after he posted a Snapchat video of himself taking some test laps on the Daytona International Speedway. Gray, who had 11 Top 10 finishes out of the 12 ARCA races he entered in 2020, seemed to handle himself pretty well while recording the backstretch, turn three and coming into four at Daytona.

But there are always haters, and Gray soon found out that there are those in the racing world who don’t approve of him recording a 150-mph (or so) lap on his phone.

While the ARCA rulebook doesn’t have a Snapchat rule or a rule for practice laps, it does have a section (20C – 6.7) dedicated to “accessories” not allowed inside cars.

“Except as provided below, vehicles and drivers will not be permitted to carry onboard computers, automated electronic recording devices, electronically actuated devices, smartphones/cell phones, watches, micro-processors, recording devices, filming devices, electronic digital memory chips, traction control devices, digital readout gauges and the like, even if inoperable or incomplete. Competitors will not be permitted to have or have had on his/her person or in his/her possession or in his/her vehicle a device(s) at an Event designed specifically to enhance the traction capabilities of the vehicle, even if inoperable or incomplete.”

Look, as someone who has driven around Michigan International at 60 mph into turn four with two hands on the wheel during a Christmas fundraiser, I can tell you it takes incredible skill to do this stuff one-handed at 150 mph. I’ve also been around Daytona in a pace car going 100 or so with white knuckles from holding onto the door handle thinking the driver was going to hit the wall.

Let’s be honest here, this might’ve been the best thing Gray could’ve done at age 15. This kid can really handle a car! Imagine what he can do with two hands.

Not only does this build a bad boy reputation at an early age, it shows future employers that Gray knows how to create buzz. ARCA will likely come down with some sort of suspension that will make headlines, and Gray will be 10 steps ahead of all the other 15-year-olds with dreams of racing at the NASCAR level.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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