Arby’s Wagyu Burger Reviews Are Mixed With Some Customers Rating It An A+

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The new Arby’s Wagyu burger reviews are in as fast-food customers are finally wrapping their mouths around the 6.4 ounce single patty that includes 52% American Wagyu and 48% ground beef.

The patty also comes with a slice of American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and a special Arby’s burger sauce. It’ll cost extra for bacon and ranch for a whole different experience with the chain’s first-ever burger offering.

ARbys Wagyu burger reviews
@hydejrps gives the new Arby’s Wagyu burger an A-plus reviews / Twitter

Yahoo Finance food reporter Alexandra Canal said Monday “this is really good” as she consumed her first bite of the new burger that will be available until the end of July.

Others said the burger “looked great” out of the wrapper while others complained of the burger being “a little on the tough side.”

In its promotional material, Arby’s said it spent “over two years” researching and developing this burger and proclaimed “Overdone burgers are over and done.”

The overall sentiment in the early house of the Arby’s burger is that this one is pretty good and should have a solid run until the end of July when the roast beef fast-food giant goes back to its typical business model.

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