AP Voter Drops 2-0 Clemson, Moves Alabama To No. 1

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Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun must’ve seen something during Clemson’s 49-0 thrashing of Citadel that he didn’t like because the Associated Press voter moved the 2-0 Tigers to No. 2 in his latest AP poll and 0-0 Alabama to No. 1. Here’s this week’s full AP vote.

Maybe it was Trevor Lawrence throwing one incompletion (8 of 9) and just 168 yards and three touchdowns. Perhaps Pat is concerned with the Tigers defense giving up 86 yards on the ground (1.8 per carry). It’s unclear what Clemson had to do this week to hold its No. 1 spot in Pat’s eyes and he’s not talking. In fact, an examination of Pat’s Twitter timeline reveals zero reasons for moving the Tigers to No. 2. Keep in mind Pat’s preseason poll had Ohio State, Clemson and Alabama as his top three before the Big Ten decided to cause chaos for itself.

In the grand scheme of college football, it doesn’t matter where Dooley or any other AP vote has Clemson this week or any week going forward. The College Football Playoff has its own ranking system and committee members slotting teams. It’ll take an act of god for Clemson to lose in the ACC and so we all know Trevor will be in the Final Four and likely hoisting the Heisman.

But, nothing fires up the fan bases like being scorned by AP voters. Dabo will tape Dooley’s vote to the chalkboard. It’ll be plastered around the facility. Then Clemson will go out and curb stomp Virginia. Dabo will say his team isn’t getting respect and it’s Clemson vs. The World or something dramatic like that.

Pat can fool with his vote all he wants, but at the end of the day the likelihood remains college football will get back on track with yet another Alabama-Clemson national championship. Pat knows what’s coming.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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