AOC’s Office Still Spouting COVID Social Distancing Guidelines

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Some must have forgotten to tell Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the COVID emergency is over.

When callers contact AOC’s Washington, D.C. office, they hear an automated phone message reminding them to socially distance.

“Thank you for calling the office of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Federal, state and local officials have advised that social distancing is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19,” the automated message says.

“As such, staff in the congresswoman’s DC and district offices will shortly begin telecommuting. Meetings and other business will be conducted by phone or video. Thank you for your understanding.”

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So either AOC isn’t up-to-date on CDC guidelines or no one on her staff has been to work in quite some time.

Last August, the Centers for Disease Control dropped its social distance requirement. Americans no longer need to stay 6 feet away from each other, the CDC says, because the overwhelming majority of adults have some level of immunity to the virus — either from vaccinations, prior infections or both.

But with the White House flipping back and forth on the issue for months, it’s no wonder AOC is confused.

However, the COVID-19 emergency officially ended May 11 — more than three years after former President Donald Trump declared it to temporarily expand the government’s power to direct funds to battle the virus.

“Life has been allowed to return to normal,” World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

But for AOC’s team, a return to normal doesn’t have to mean a return to the office.

Why is AOC MIA?

One New Yorker who called Ocasio-Cortez’s federal office said she should get the Rip Van Winkle award.

“She’s been asleep for nine months,” the source told The New York Post.

And other New York representatives agree.

“Maybe her office just needs to update its voicemail,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said. “But the pandemic is over, and all federal employees need to return to the office. They don’t get paid to sit home.”

But if AOC is still preaching social distancing, she’s not doing a very good job of it.

On Friday, she held a town hall meeting where hundreds of people sat in close proximity.

Granted, that wouldn’t be the first time the congresswoman displayed COVID hypocrisy. Remember that time she tested positive for the virus after partying maskless in Miami?

The Post, who originally reported on AOC’s out-of-office message, reached out to her team for comment. But they did not receive a response.

Probably because no one is there to answer the phone.

Written by Amber Harding

Amber is a Midwestern transplant living in Murfreesboro, TN. She spends most of her time taking pictures of her dog, explaining why real-life situations are exactly like "this one time on South Park," and being disappointed by the Tennessee Volunteers.


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