AOC Walks Away From Question About Topless Trans Pers at White House

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The White House finally denounced the trans person who flashed his implanted boobs across the South Lawn.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not yet ready to do the same.

Wednesday, Fox News Digital asked several lawmakers from both sides of the aisle for reactions to the incident. That’s when Democrat AOC of New York and Pramila Jayapal of Washington walked away from questioning.

Perhaps AOC and Jayapal need more time to decide if a man who calls himself a woman exposing breasts in front of the White House is kosher.

What say you?

Republicans were less hesitant. Indiana Rep. Jim Banks said he’s “rarely seen anything as unbecoming or inappropriate” as that.

“Bare-chested men and women celebrating in a way that is not just disgusting, it forecasts and it teaches our kids something that’s so antithetical to what they should see on TV or in the media, and in this case in front of the White House,” Banks said.

“The symbolism of the White House, one of the most powerful structures in the world that represents America, to have those kinds of images broadcast to not just our kids, but to the rest of the world is downright shameful,” he continued.

Next, Florida Rep. Michael Waltz criticized Biden for “telling this whole crowd that they were the bravest people he had ever seen.”

“I mean, it just goes back to who we celebrate as our heroes,” Waltz said. “My heroes wear camouflage, not capes or rainbow flags. And this is the same administration that celebrated Bowe Bergdahl as a hero, who was an absolute deserter.”

For reference, Biden called America a “nation of Pride” during the event and hung the Pride Progress flag from the White House.

AOC might be afraid to say it, but you shouldn’t be: trans persons are not off limits to criticism. They should not be held up as heroes because they view gender as an on-demand feature.

Had a biological woman flashed her boobs at the event, the White House would have condemned the action immediately.

As would AOC. And MSNBC.

You do not have to self-censor on the topic of transgenderism. As per our latest column, you can come out of the closet against gender ideology. You are not alone.

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