AOC ‘Restrained’ By Imaginary Handcuffs: Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

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The right to protest and peaceably assemble is our constitutional right but when you’re so thirsty for attention you have to pretend to be handcuffed for effect — when it’s abundantly obvious you’re not actually in handcuffs — that doesn’t make you an noble and virtuous American protester, it makes you a jack*ss. 

“I get it, the Left and particularly those on the Left who lack substance of any kid, need to rely on abortion and abortion protests to make their constituents think they are really doing something to ‘fight the good fight,’ but AOC and squad take performative nonsense to a new level with this little display and it’s embarrassing for them and anyone watching.”

Was she escorted away for blocking traffic? Yes. Sure.

Did she know it wasn’t within her rights as a protester to block said traffic, of course.

“Is that he whole reason she did it, yeah, also-freakin-lutely, but does she think her fans, followers and advocates are THAT dumb they don’t notice her handcuffs are 100% imaginary?! Law enforcement and Capitol Police have enough on their plate in this current political climate without instagram-influencer wannabes like AOC strutting around trying to put on a show.”

Tomi said it’s pretty telling though that she and those like her have to try SO DAMN HARD to be controversial, even if it means literally making things up!

“If she is — and it really appears she is — trying to evoke the emotions and images of the Civil Rights Movement, what a slap in the face to those who were ACTUALLY handcuffed and brutalized for their true and righteous protest!”

But this? This is a farce for attention and social media likes and validation.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if AOC wants to be a social media influencer and make money off hawking cheap products and messages for a price and a rev-share, she should do THAT. But stay the hell away from the halls of Congress where legislative action or inaction actually affects lives!”

Here are Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts:

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  1. “..are AOC’s fans and followers THAT dumb to be taken in with such antics?” Absolutely. They have proven that they are for the past two years. She and her “Squad” know how braindead their followers are and will continue to be.

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