Antonio Gates Thinks Deshaun Watson Will Play Again Because ‘He’s Too Good Of A Player’

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Former Chargers tight end Antonio Gates thinks Deshaun Watson will play in the NFL again, despite the multitude of sexual assault allegations made against the Texans quarterback.

“He seems like a good dude. Obviously, he made some — I don’t even know if he made these mistakes,” Gates told TMZ. “But, if he did, hopefully he can recover from them. This is the land of the free. You always get second chances.”

Gates is most likely a future Hall of Famer. He can appreciate a good QB, so he can appreciate Watson the player. But the Watson ordeal very well could keep him out of the NFL for 2021, regardless of how it turns out.

Prior to the accusations, Watson reportedly wanted a trade out of Houston, and he now seems likely to get one, no matter what happens next. But Gates seems to think Watson will eventually play somewhere.

“I do,” Gates said. “He’s too good of a player, so I do. Hopefully, when all this unfolds, we’ll see how it goes.”

For the latest on Watson case, check out Meg Turner’s piece on OutKick right here.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. the Love for deshaun is puzzling. its like he represents something nobody else sees unless you are a black athlete.

    putting up stats is easy. leading and winning is not easy. deshaun has not lead or won in the NFL. putting up stats in a meaningless season as he did in 2020 is a ruse …

    he is a predator at this point. not a football player.

    • Blacks will stand by their own no matter what. Loyal to each other to a fault. Whites, on the other hand, can’t wait to call each other racists, homophobes, misogynists, etc. Makes them feel noble to disparage their own race.

    • I agree. Plus the NFL has a history of giving dudes second and third chances. Mike Vick, Lawrence Phillips are two noteworthy examples. There are many many more. If someone can play they will have a chance to play again.

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