Antonio Brown Continuously Calls Writer ‘Cracker,’ In Series Of Tweets

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Antonio Brown got into it with an NFL reporter, and it’s clear that the former NFLer turned rapper is not the kind of guy who can be bothered to check bylines.

Brown was cruising around X – formerly known as “Twitter” – as he’s been known to do and stumbled across a tweet from NFL writer Dov Kleiman.

Kleiman aggregates/writes for the website BroBible and is known to tweet a lot of NFL news and video clips. Last week, he tweeted that police had been ordered to arrest Brown over unpaid child support and cited TMZ Sports in the tweet.

Well, the Albany Empire arena football team owner didn’t care that Kleiman was simply relaying another report.

He came at Kleiman a full six days after the original tweet.

While, once again, Kleiman didn’t write the report in question, he still tried to smooth things over with Brown by sending him a link to the original article.

There. That should smooth things over nicely now, shouldn’t it?

Of Course That Didn’t Smooth Things Over

Unless you’re completely unfamiliar with Antonio Brown, you’ll already know an explanation wouldn’t be enough for a good ol’-fashioned hatchet-burying.

I have no clue why he decided to format that response like some kind of unhinged poem, but it sure feels on-brand.

Brown was clearly incensed, as you can tell from his non-stop use of the word “cracker.” It just seems like his frustration isn’t even aimed at the right person.

However, as Awful Announcing pointed out, Brown may have gone at Kleiman for a reason. His tweet had a wider reach than TMZ Sports’ of the same report.

So, if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, there it is.

At least he let it go after his slam poetry response to Kleiman’s clarification.

What’s that?

Hang on; I’m being told he did not let it go.

He even shared a DM from Kleiman in which the writer simply asked why he had been singled out when the TMZ report had been widely circulated.

This all seems to be par for the course with Antonio Brown, who has been known to get into it with media members in the past.

It’s a safe bet that this won’t be the last time either.

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