Antonio Brown Accused Of Rampage In Gated Community, HOA President Changes Tune After Carolina Game

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Antonio Brown is being accused of raging inside his South Florida gated community on October 15, when he allegedly destroyed a surveillance camera and threw a bike at a guard shack. This outburst allegedly stems from an ongoing feud Brown had with the HOA over its rules and regulations. According to the Miami Herald, a police report states Brown wasn’t charged in the incident because the HOA president Sylvia Berman feared “retaliation.”

Here’s where things really get interesting. The HOA president is now saying everything is all good. She calls Brown a “hero” after catching seven balls for 69 yards in the Buccaneers 46-23 win over the Carolina Panthers.

“All this stems from squabbles with Brown’s HOA, which had fined him and was forcing him to meet guests in person at the community’s gates entrance,” Miami Herald reporter David Ovalle tweeted.

“Why are you wasting my f***ing time? You need to let my guest through the f***ing gate,” Brown is accused of saying, according to the police report.

He’s also accused of calling the property manager a “racist bitch.”

The Hollywood, Florida police department cleared the case November 5, and it appears charges won’t be filed in the case. Brown was suspended the first eight games of the 2020 NFL season over his behavior, including a confrontation with a moving company employee. He pleaded no contest to burglary charges in that case.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Geez, there is seriously something wrong with this dude. Maybe he needs mental help? It’s okay to need help in the mental department….we all have struggles. But seriously this dude CANNOT get out of his own way.

    I’m sorry to say but if he gets booted out of the NFL again this offseason (or next week for that matter!), I wouldn’t be shocked AT ALL. What a sad life and a sad dude…

    • I suspect he makes the transition to the latter sooner than he thinks. The days of him out-running people on the football field are limited. Sooner or later the money gets tight and his rage only gets worse. I suspect Tommy Terrific will not be inviting him over for sleepovers once the wheels fall off.

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