Anti-Vaxxers Arrested After Protesting At NYC Movie Theater

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Nearly a dozen anti-mandate protestors were taken into police custody after storming a New York City movie theater and were still awaiting charges as of Monday night, according to the New York Post.

“My body, my choice,” a crowd chanted as police escorted several protestors out of the AMC theater on West 42nd street in midtown, as a viral social media video showed. “The vaccine you won’t force.”

Another video showed the anti-vaxxers talking to police officers while sitting inside the actual theater.

“I hope that you guys get inspired by that and stand up with us because this is going to the Supreme Court,” one protester told a cop, via the Post.

Like all of New York City, AMC requires proof of vaccination to enter the building and enjoy the entertainment. Masks are recommended but not required, per the theater’s website.

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On the bright side, customers are permitted to remove masks while eating or drinking. But in order to eat, drink or watch the movie, you must be vaccinated. That’s something these protestors had no intention of accepting without a fight. And if not a fight, then at least a little noise about it in an otherwise quiet place.

Written by Sam Amico

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