Confrontation Between Rizzo, Contreras Is Downplayed by Cubs

Anthony Rizzo and Willson Contreras are bringing Kramer vs. Kramer-level tensions to the Cubs dugout.

During a Friday night loss against the San Francisco Giants, the two players started getting into a conversation built on heightened emotions, prompting Cubs manager David Ross to intervene. He grabbed Rizzo and pulled him aside to ease tensions between him and Contreras, en route to a 8-5 loss against the Giants.

The Cubs manager added his thoughts regarding the suspected beef between the two players. He clarified that it was “just an argument over some competitive stuff.” Anthony Rizzo appeared to back up the sentiment by Ross.

When asked about the quarrel with Contreras, Rizzo provided honest insight into what drove the two to butt heads, considering the spat as a natural part of their competitive drive.

“It’s just competition and what’s at stake and everything … The beauty of this team is we know each other and have played with each other for so long that we can have those brotherly love conversations.”

Rizzo cooled lingering tensions from Friday by adding some brotherly praise for Willson. “I love Willson, I think the way he plays for this team, for our city – with the passion he plays with, you can’t match it in this league.”

Written by Alejandro Avila

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