Anthony Lynn is a Horrible Coach

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Not that Adam Gase isn’t a putrid head coach, he is, but he’s no longer the worst. That’d be Anthony Lynn, who should’ve been fired at halftime last Sunday.

This week, Lynn’s reminded everyone what horrible truly looks like. At the end of the half, Lynn got so confused that this happened:

Understand that? Because Lynn doesn’t.

By the way, I checked, that isn’t an edited video. Lynn really was that confused.

That level of ineptitude mirrors the NBA’s business decision to go woker than ESPN’s Highly Questionable rotation.

Fire Lynn right now. Justin Herbert deserves better. This can’t go on.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Lynn is terrible, but he actually fits that franchise perfectly. Archie Manning was 100% accurate when he refused to let Eli play there. The Spano’s family in their incompetence wasted the majority of Philip Rivers career, they’re going to do the same thing to Justin Herbert. There’s so much more I can tell you about that family and how much they suck at running a football franchise, but I’m just over it now, Rivers is a Colt and 9-4. It’s just a shame that his best years were wasted.

  2. We always considered Mike Brown to be the least competent NFL owner. However, since the Chargers are on the Left Coast and usually out of mind, we forget the idiots that make up the Spanos Family. And Lynn fits their mold.

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