Anthony Davis Needs A Bodyguard To Get COVID Test, Gardner Minshew Signing Day Throwback & Nacho Fries Are Back

Have you taken a look at the football schedule over the next five days?

I want you guys to focus today. Make a mental list of supplies you’re going to need. Do the math on how much liquor you’re going to consume. What meals you’ll throw together. The amount of meat it’s going to take. We’re about to enter a five day period of pigskin unlike any other that we’ve ever experienced. It kicks off tonight with a do-or-die game for the Raiders against the Chargers. Friday night, it’s the Pac-12 title game and the MAC championship featuring Ball State and Buffalo. You’ll get a good look at Bulls running back Jaret Patterson, who has 18 rushing TDs on 123 carries to go along with an 8.3 yards per attempt average.

It’s on from there. Saturday isn’t your typical championship Saturday. As I type, there are 18 college games scheduled to go along with Saturday NFL. This is the perfect storm you’ve been waiting on your entire life since the NFL wasn’t around during the Spanish Flu. Bills-Broncos starts at 4:30 ET Saturday while Clemson-Notre Dame kicks at 4.

As Marshawn Lynch would say, it’s time to get your mentals right. Go spend the chicken it’ll take to have a good time. Tell your wife to go shopping, get her hair done and take the kids. You have a date with the televisions, tablets and other devices. The Five Day War begins this evening.

•  Adam Gase knows the fate that’s waiting and is apologizing before the firing press conference: “I’ve told him multiple times [that] he deserves better — especially with how he is with our players, our staff, our coaches, anybody involved in this organization,” Gase said about letting down Jets CEO Chris Johnson. “I couldn’t ask to work for a better guy.”

• Looks like another stimulus bill is coming before politicians go home for the holidays. It appears a family of four that qualifies will be looking at $2,400 to go blow on whatever. Costco, Walmart, Amazon and Target are about to sell a bunch of TVs.

Trevor Lawrence made an appearance Wednesday on the Dan Patrick Show, and it sure sounds like he’s resigned to becoming the Jets quarterback. The good news is that it won’t be Adam Gase ruining his professional career.

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