Another Moving Star? Jets, Dolphins Have Trades In Place for Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill

Star receiver Tyreek Hill no longer a member of the Kansas City Chiefs? Who could possibly believe it?

After all, Hill is one of quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ two greatest weapons. Hill makes the Chiefs’ offense fly, serving a major reason for their remarkable, wide-open ways.

And now he may be gone.

In fact, it’s starting to really, really look that way, as the Chiefs and Dolphins are deep in talks on a trade centered on Hill, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

As is often the case in these situations, it’s a matter of money. Hill wants more — a lot more. The Chiefs don’t want to give it to him. Hill and the Chiefs had been working on a contract extension, but those talks hit a snag. Now Hill and the Chiefs are threatening to move on.

Hill has the type of speed and skill that could make the Jets and/or Dolphins relevant, provided he had the right man at quarterback. And losing him could make Mahomes, well, less impactful.

Is this just a game of chicken between Hill, his agent and the Chiefs? Is it for real? Will Hill no longer be in Kansas City?

It’s hard to imagine. But in this crazy NFL offseason, without a doubt, anything is possible.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico is the assistant managing editor-newsdesk at OutKick. He is also the co-founder and senior writer at, and has covered the NBA for nearly 20 years, including his time at Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and CBS Sports. A native of Akron, Ohio, his writing career began in Wyoming.

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