Another Fan Goes Off On LeBron, And This Probably Won’t End Soon

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For the second time in a week, an opposing fan has made waves by interacting with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. Last week, it was a man in Cleveland. This time, it was a woman in Atlanta. Is this a coincidence? Probably not.

Let’s start with Monday, when a woman seated near the court for the Hawks-Lakers game had a verbal exchange with James. It’s hard to know what the woman said, but it obviously bothered James enough that security stopped the game and intervened.

That was this week. Last week against his hometown Cavaliers, a male fan was physically removed from the arena for holding up t-shirts that accuse James of being a racist and a narcissist.

Keep in mind, most NBA arenas don’t allow fans. So the fact there have been two fan incidents involving LeBron — when there aren’t many fans in the building — makes us believe this may be about more than just basketball.

LeBron has been outspoken over the past three or four years, repeatedly bashing and mocking President Donald Trump, and unlike most of the league’s greats before him, making his strong liberal political beliefs known. James has the right to support whomever he wants and whichever causes he wants, but his politics seem to have alienated a large segment of his fan base (or former fan base, if you will).

Fair or not, that’s how these things tend to play out. And since James is the face of today’s NBA, a lot of folks have turned on the NBA overall as well. We at OutKick have even decided to limit our NBA posts, as our readers have made it abundantly clear that they have almost zero interest in the league.

Whether you support LeBron isn’t really the story here. But what could be interesting in the long run is how James’ polarizing approach to politics impacts his legacy. He may become the most despised superstar athlete of his generation.

That’s not intended to be hyperbole either. Can you think of another super-duper-star athlete who is so openly despised? He or she may be out there, but it really is tough to come up with a name.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. LJ is an uneducated moron, who happens to be very wealthy. Don’t read his written words, those are done by his PR firm. Listen to his spoken comments. He’s an idiot. Flagship athlete these days as to why the NBA is flailing, among many other sports (ie: Kaepernick & NFL)! Yeah, like I’m going to rely on their narrative on life?

  2. The Progressive Communist Democrats are in serious need of better heroes. In sports they have Colon Caponick and the Anal Swab from Akron. On the street you have drug addled felons doing their crimes, then having the KKK Antifa and the Black Panthers as their PR corporation. It doesn’t look like it is working out well for them. Chairman Joe Xiden just claimed his dictatorial powers by using a military take over of D.C. Buckle up, 2021 could make 2020 look like a high school dance.

  3. Count me as another former fan of the NBA. I used to be a diehard, followed the league closely and loved going to games. No longer. Absolutely no interest in being preached to by under-educated and over-paid narcissists.

  4. By bowing to China, praising BLM, propping up Jacob Blake, demonizing police, and having King “of woke” James as the face of the league…I’m not sure the NBA could do much better at alienating fans if they tried.

  5. He’s been unlikeable for years. It started with “The Decision” and the current trend of players forcing trades to build rosters to make Alpha Teams. When you watch him play his constant begging for calls from the Refs should be beneath someone with his ability. This fan interaction won’t help. He’s probably getting 1% of what Jackie Robinson put up with. It kind of sums up the DNC today. He can spout off all he wants but if he doesn’t want to hear it it’s be gone peasant.

  6. It’s time to set the record straight. Bronny and cap are probably the greatest civil rights movement leaders we ever had. Way better than mlk. They take so much time off from their jobs to promote healing and social justice for all. Time to face the facts.

    • Yes I see your point. MLK wasted his time preaching Jesus Christ, marching against actual systemic racism, traveling the country confronting leaders, speaking against Vietnam, walking the inner city streets meeting young men, preaching non-violence, earning a PhD from a prestigious school, under 24/7 surveillance by the FBI, putting himself in mortal danger each day, ultimately being murdered for his impact, when he could have been far more productive Tweeting.

      • Well spoke. Real Facts vs made up stuff above.
        To Mr Woodhar:
        Why is our country more divided today with your fake gods lefty lebron, and confused colin doing all their smack talk, than it was when Dr King walked out his Faith and convictions from a Gospel that preached Peace? Both are/were terrible times in our country. I’ve lived through them both. Dr King’s message began to open the eyes and heal us. Today we are being pushed apart not truly brought together. Real Facts sir, not twitter version.

  7. First NBA related article I have read for a while, this was entertaining. Nothing better than the soon to be billionaire from paying basketball getting his feelings hurt while playing a failing game he has single handedly drug down ensuring he will be the last billionaire this league makes.

  8. Just needed to add my vote as well. Should we have another “Cancel Culture” on the opposite side? What’s interesting is that practically no one on this site would even conceive of such a thing. We’re not afraid or are not triggered by anything this arrogant billionaire or washed-up crappy quarterback says. Don’t need another NBA article – ever.

  9. Poor Lebron. He likes it when he is loved and likes to dish it out but is just a baby when someone doesn’t agree with him. He and his high school degree should leave the politics talk to the big boys in the room. He is in over his head.

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