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It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for me to solve all the life issues of everyone in the OutKick community.

How do we do that?

By answering your anonymous mailbag questions. As always, send your anonymous mailbag questions to, anonymity guaranteed. I can only respond to the questions you send so if you don’t like the questions, don’t complain, fire one up yourself.

Okay, here we go.

“I know it’s the end of summer but still a good time to have the discussion. What is your rule about peeing in a public pool or beach? I personally think the pool is 100% off limits to peeing. The beach is fair game as there is plenty of other bacteria in the water. Also, should you shower before entering the pool if you’ve had a bowel movement since your last shower? I say yes.”

These are important questions.

The pool is off limits for peeing, but oceans and lakes are perfectly fair game for peeing. In fact, if you have a choice between peeing in, for instance, a cramped boat bathroom or one of those stinking old relic bathrooms on a beach, I actually think it’s better to pee in the water.

In general, I’m a big proponent of peeing outdoors.

I’m not sure if this is a Southern man thing or not, but my dad used to regularly walk outside to pee when I was a kid. That is, he would walk outside the house from indoors just to pee. Which means I’ve been a regular outside pee proponent since I could barely walk.

Since I’ve owned my own places, I have regularly peed outdoors when I come home late at night. I’ve passed along this trait as well. My boys will sometimes stop playing in our backyard and just run over beside a tree and pee.

The pool, on the other hand, is completely off limits for peeing. I don’t think I’ve ever peed in a pool, partly because when I was a young kid they told us in day care that if we peed in the pool there was a pool dye that would follow you around and they’d know who peed in the pool. I 100% believed this pool dye story when I was a kid, which I’m sure most of you have heard at some point in your lives too. It’s not true, but it’s effective.

As for showering before you get in the pool, no way. I’ve never done this and I haven’t ever known anyone who did this either. I do think, however, that if you’re making the trip from the beach to the pool that you should wash off your feet before you get in the pool. That’s just a common courtesy.

Also, and this may just be me, I don’t even care that much when a young kid poops in the pool. They have to shock treat the pool and shut it down for like multiple days when this happens. I mean, this seems excessive. Anyone who has parented young kids has basically bathed in poop for years. Changing diapers gets you pooped and peed on a ton. If my immune system is too delicate to handle a piece of poop in the pool, then I’m done for anyway.

I’d rather they scoop up the poop and keep it open. Instead they shock the pool for multiple days. Like the pool needs triage treatment. I survived COVID, I think I can handle poop in the pool.

Okay, there’s your summer pool etiquette from me, just in time for fall.

“My wife and I live in a locked-down blue state and our daughter is 21 months old. My wife is a full-time mom, so luckily we don’t have to use daycare. But in addition to a 21-month old, we also have a 3-month old and managing them both has been a struggle, especially for my wife who is working her ass off. To give my wife a little break, we discussed sending our daughter to a pre-K for 1-3 year olds for a couple hours a week.

When we looked into it, the school said their policy was mandatory masking at 2 years old. We discussed it and decided we are not sending our daughter this year, because we both feel that masking infants is ridiculous and harmful. We talked about it, and if things don’t change by next year we are looking at either sending our 3 year old daughter to some sort of school program with a mask, or picking up and moving to a free state.

Realistically, we could move. I am an attorney and work remotely most of the time, so I could probably work something out with my employer to be remote in another state, and we would make a decent profit if we sold our house. But moving would also be a huge burden: our entire family and friend group is within about an hour drive right now, and moving to a new state would isolate us from everyone we know, not to mention it would be insanely difficult to do with a 1 and 3 year old.

I know my wife doesn’t want to move and even though she thinks the masking is dumb, she also more or less feels it is harmless. We have a great relationship and I know that if I insisted on moving, she would be willing to do it. On the other hand, I am convinced that masking 2 and 3 year olds is harmful to the point that it is close to child abuse, and I am certain it will have serious long term effects. I don’t want to move, but I could not live with myself if I thought we let our daughter be subject to harm simply because our governor is a douche.

My question is this – what should I do? How should I process and review information about masking in the next year, and how should I approach the conversations with my wife over the next year as we continue to work through this? Am I overblowing the harm of masks?”

I wouldn’t move my family over mask requirements on kids, but I do think for many people mask requirements — as well as COVID restrictions in general — have been the final tipping point that makes staying where you are right now an untenable position for you and your family.

Our neighborhood is flooded with young families moving from California, New York, and the Chicago area, and every time new COVID restrictions are announced in those places, the realtors here tell me they get flooded with new calls from people who want to move.

If you like everything about where you live, generally speaking, except for something like the COVID mask requirements, then I wouldn’t be willing to uproot things at home and move over that alone. But if the mask requirements are symptomatic of larger issues and are the final breaking point, I can totally see moving.

I don’t know your financial situation, but taxes alone, to me, would justify moving from a blue state like New York or California.

In states like Tennessee, Texas, and Florida, you have no state income tax. If you are a high earning family, then you can pay your entire mortgage, just about, solely with money you don’t pay in state or city taxes.

Look, I like visiting Los Angeles and New York City, but do I like them more than large cities in Texas, Tennessee, or Florida?

Of course not.

In fact, I’d rather live in Nashville than in New York or LA, that’s why I’m here now.

Plus, if you’re wealthy, you’re going to have a good life in any large city in the country. Why not save tons of money and live somewhere with more freedoms? That feels like an easy choice to me. Which is why I’m convinced that COVID has made the red states redder and the blue states bluer. It’s accelerated political divisions by clustering people who are like-minded together even more.

“Let me first say that I am a middle aged, white, straight, Christian, unvaccinated male, so I understand my opinion and feelings matter pretty much less than anyone else on the planet. I’m in my mid 30’s, healthy, previously had COVID with mild to no symptoms and recovered quickly. My wife and 1 year old have also both been infected.

I don’t want to get the vaccine because I’m healthy and I have natural immunity. Here’s the problem – my parents and siblings are all super left wing. I’d consider my dad one of the smartest, most reasonable people I’ve ever met and even he is adamant about me getting the vaccine. He rebukes any argument and just spews garbage he hears on CNN (which is another problem; 60 somethings don’t know of any better way to get their information). He has gone as far as saying I should get vaccinated because it would make my mom happy and that I’m being selfish by not getting it. My brain short circuits when we talk about COVID because I can’t believe how he can accuse me of being misinformed (talking about data from Israel, how masks are ineffective, etc.) when he’s repeating things he heard on Don Lemon.

If I present either of them with studies or data from real sources, they claim I’m ‘on facebook too much’ like I’m some kind of conspiracy theorist for trying to understand data from the CDC or Israel.

The people who claim to be the most tolerant are actually the least tolerant of all. I’m in that situation with my parents. The last thing I want to do is ruin my relationship with them over this, and I’d get the jab if it came to that, but how do you reason with people who don’t want to be reasoned with?”

I’d stick to my fact-based arguments here, if I were you. That’s what you’ve done, but it doesn’t work. So I’m not sure what else you have to gain.

I do think the conversation is going to turn towards natural immunity in the near future — certainly we are driving that in a big way on the Clay and Buck radio show — and how it’s completely illogical to require someone who has already had a disease to then get vaccinated for that disease too.

Since you’re around my age and have already had COVID, I’d bring up chicken pox with your parents. I presume that you, like me and anyone else around our own age, had chicken pox as a kid. In fact, if your parents were like mine, they may have even thrown “chicken pox parties” when one kid got it to ensure you got it too. That was because getting chicken pox as an adult was far more dangerous than chicken pox as a kid.

My mom specifically took me over to the neighbor’s house to get exposed to chicken pox when they got it. And chicken pox was probably more dangerous to young kids than COVID is now, by the way.  Anyway, there’s a chicken pox vaccine now. But I’ve never gotten the chicken pox vaccine and no one has ever suggested that I should get it. Why? Because I had chicken pox already.

So why wouldn’t the same logic apply for COVID?

Granted, COVID is still a new virus and we don’t know how long lasting natural immunity is. We do know, however, that it seems far more lasting than the COVID vaccine immunity, which appears to fade very rapidly.

So I’d layer on that argument in addition to the ones you’re already making.

If that doesn’t work, I’d just move on and ignore the topic. It appears, thankfully, that the delta variant has essentially burned itself out in the South now, and given the rates of vaccination and all the natural infections, we have to be moving towards a form of herd immunity at this point. Which means I’m hopeful cases will come down now, and we’ll go back to some more forms of normalcy in the country.

Ultimately, however, it feels like both of you have made your arguments and no one is budging. If that’s the case, I’d just move on to final topics.

As a final idea, if you’re truly worried about your future relationship with your parents, you could just lie and claim you got the vaccine.

Good luck.

“It seems to me that COVID is the biggest political diversion in the modern history of the world. The left has one play. They’re going to keep running it because the country keeps biting on it.

For the last 2 years, every time I think things are about to get rolling, we go back to COVID.

They want Trump out of office? Let’s shut down the country until the election is over.

You want to interrupt the global supply chain of nearly everything? Pay people to stay at home to keep them ‘safe.’

You want to forget about the stranded Americans in Afghanistan? Announce mandatory vaccinations.

Every fucking time I think the American people are about to wake up, the Ghost of COVID past, present and future rears its ugly head. I just want to work, make a living, raise my family and enjoy my life. And I want everyone else to leave me the hell alone.

My question to you is two fold: a) When will the American people have enough, call these people out on their bullshit and take matters into their own hands? b) What do you think that looks like?”

I get asked this question all the time and my answer is when enough of us decide to live our lives without fear, normalcy will return. At some point the Democrats are going to be guilty of the boy who cried wolf when it comes to COVID. Yes, we know COVID is dangerous, but eventually humans learn to live with danger.

It’s what we do with driving cars and the seasonal flu, for instance, which kill tens of thousands of people every year.

I’ve been living my normal life since May of last year. Aside from having to put a mask on to fly on an airplane, my life and my family’s life has really not been any different since May of 2020.

Increasingly, more and more people are joining us in this normal life.

If you lived where I live in the Nashville area, you’d never have any idea COVID had ever existed. Things are 100% back to normal. My kids are in school without masks, our little league sports have been completely normal for a year, no bars or restaurants require masks. The only place in the city of Nashville you need a mask right now is the airport.

Full college and NFL stadiums are also sending an important message too. They’re completely full and no one in them is wearing a mask. That’s why I’m so encouraged by what I see on the OutKick bus tour every weekend.

We’ve been to games in Knoxville, Charlotte, and Fayetteville the past two weekends — and we’re headed to Gainesville for Alabama-Florida this weekend — and I also took my kids to Cardinals-Titans in Nashville on Sunday. And you know what? Everything looks and feels completely normal in these stadiums.

There’s no COVID vaccine passport or vaccination checks going on to get in the stadiums. Football fans are over COVID. And when you have millions of people every weekend traveling to football stadiums and throwing big tailgate parties, it’s hard to argue that emergency powers must be implemented. That’s especially the case because even the coronabros triple masking in their basements see these crowds in the stadiums and question why they are so fearful if so many are living their normal lives.

Now that’s not to say that another variant might not emerge. I’m sure it will. COVID is going to become endemic like the flu. It’s never going away. COVID zero is a sham, but at some point people have to realize that they have to live their lives without fear. And I think that’s where we are rapidly headed with the majority of the country.

Based on what I’m seeing from football fans all over the country, I’m incredibly optimistic that COVID is effectively over for most people. And that the number of people who believe COVID is over is growing every single day.

How does COVID fear porn end?

By regular people embracing normalcy in our lives.

Join me and do the same in your own lives.

Thanks for reading OutKick, and I look forward to seeing many of you in Gainesville this weekend.

Now I’m off to the do the radio show.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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  1. Ha. I have the same problem with my mom/step dad. Lying is a great option but so far I’ve kept it 100 with them about not getting/wanting the vaccine. It’s like talking to fucking Phizer reps lol.. At the end of the day they’re vaxxed. Either the juice works or it doesn’t and it’s really nobody’s fuggin business if you have the it or not. Everyone who wants a shot has been able to get one for damn near a half year now.

  2. “Let me first say that I am a middle aged, white, straight, Christian, unvaccinated male, so I understand my opinion and feelings matter pretty much less than anyone else on the planet.

    Lmbao…I love AWM Fragility… Omg omg omg….So this explains what’s happening in the sports world? He’s being picked on? Lmbao #DbapSoftAssHoes

  3. You can’t use facts in arguments with people at this point in covid anymore. Cognitive dissonance won’t allow people to change their mind, because everything they have done over the last 2 years would be proven worthless and they can’t face that fact. At this point, you are either team reality or team coronabro.

  4. 100% agree with Clay on the peeing thing. I live in San Diego and surf, so peeing in a wetsuit or just in your trunks is expected. Its more entertaining in the summer with the tourists, especially women. They could not be more obvious when they go into the ocean to pee. Waist deep, stand still, stare at the waves for 10 seconds, come back in. Yeah, we all know what you just did

  5. You can’t speak reason with anyone that gets their news/believes everything they hear on MSNBC or CNN. None of it is actual News; it’s all slanted opinion. Covid is a manufactured flu-like variant of pneumonia (Fauci knows it) and will continue to vary itself every year forever. We’re ALL getting it one way or another. I had it, I survived it; moving on with Life as normal….. Dems will destroy the world in the name of ‘healthcare’ and raise taxes thinking it will lower the Earth’s temp 1 degree. Same people that said we ALL have to have Health Insurance for ACA (2010) or face tax penalty…. now it’s here again with Vax Mandates….. Again, it’s futile to debate these issues and go around in circles.

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