Anitta, Who Has Sex With A Bengals Player, Says She Can Make Sure Team Wins Super Bowl ‘Night Before’

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If you placed a bet on the Rams to win the Super Bowl, perhaps you could cash out and get most of your money back?

Brazilian singer and songwriter Anitta promises to make sure the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl. And she says she has the power to do it.

Monday, Anitta told Jimmy Fallon to bet all of his money on the Bengals Money Line. 

“The Bengals are going to win for sure. I know for a fact. You can bet all your money there,” Anitta said. “All your money, you can bet on Cincinnati Bengals.

“Do you want to know how I know they’re going to win? Because one of my men is playing there,” Anitta adds. “One of my men.”

Anitta said because she travels all around the world, she needs to have different men to sleep with at different locations.

“[I] gotta have options.”

Anitta met her Bengal option recently at a strip club in Miami.

“I saw this guy who was super hot, [he plays for the Bengals],” Anitta explains. “And I said, ‘Yo, if you don’t find anyone to have sex with tonight hotter than I am, you just call me. And if I don’t find anyone hotter than you, I will call you too. At the end of the day, we both found … I’m practical, some Brazilian energy.”

Anitta plans to bang the Bengal again, this time the night before the Super Bowl to get him ready for the game.

“I know they’re going to win because I’m going to make sure he has a great night beforehand. He’s going to have a great night and he’s going to win the next day. You can bet all your money.”

Bengals by 20, thanks to Anitta.


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