Angry Rugby Fan Breaks Into Broadcast Booth To Complain About Loud AC Unit During Live Broadcast

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After being told by OutKick reader New Zealand Pete — yes, he really lives in New Zealand — that I need to work on my rugby knowledge, I had no option but to investigate this situation where a fan busted into a broadcast booth to yell about a loud air conditioning unit.

Rugby League broadcaster Mick Gledhill, who goes by “The Game Caller,” was live on air during a match between the Bradford Bulls and Workington Town in Britain’s second-tier division when all hell broke loose as the fan charged in and made his own voice heard.

“Can you turn this off? This air-conditioning unit is making a f***ing racket,” the angry fan can be heard saying as Gledhill tries to maintain his composure while another person in the booth deals with intruder guy.

“There’s something kicking off here,” Gledhill responds as the action inside the booth heats up.

Let’s go to the audio!

As you can hear, the intruder and the unidentified booth guy go back and forth over the A/C unit noise.

“Stop poking your finger at me!” booth guy yells at angry A/C unit guy.

“No! You get it sorted,” angry guy fires back.

At one point, angry guy claims he’s being assaulted and there’s a loud bang at the end of the audio that sounds like a gunshot, but it’s clearly not a gunshot because that would’ve made worldwide news and CNN would have gone around-the-clock with its i-Team coverage.

If this booth stuff is the type of action I’m going to get as a rugby fan, the sport just might become my summer go-to over baseball. Just think of the times you have wished someone would go into the booth to scream at a broadcaster.

Now I have that sport in rugby.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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