Angry, Rabid Beaver Attacks Massachusetts Man, Leaves Him All Torn Up

One minute you’re trying to go for a swim, enjoy the great outdoors, and the next minute you’re fighting for your life as an angry rabid beaver is trying to maul you. That’s the predicament 73-year-old Massachusetts man Mark Pieraccini found himself in back on September 6 when a certified crazy beaver went nuts and started shredding the man before he could reach shore and seek medical attention, according to a report out of the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

The beaver left Pieraccini with an impressive list of injuries:

• Lacerations from head to toe

• Flesh torn off his arms and legs

• Fractured finger

• Lacerated tendon on his left index finger

• Multiple stitches

• Five rounds of rabies shots

via Mark Pieraccini / Daily Hampshire Gazette

“(The beaver) started on my leg. I never saw him. I thought it was some weird mutant lake trout,” Pieraccini said about his encounter. “He surfaced near my head and grabbed my head. He went to bite my head. I punched him a couple of times.”

The beaver was estimated to be between 35 and 40 pounds (that’s on the small side for a typical beaver, according to Google Search). As for the attack, it lasted approximately five minutes and Pieraccini says fighting back would’ve more than likely resulted in drowning, so his only option was to endure the attack and get to shore.

“If I had to swim 10 more yards, I would have drowned. … If he had come onshore, he would have finished me off. I would not have been able to fight him off. He would have finished killing me.”


Imagine bellying up to the VFW bar and telling that story. There are guys who have near-death stories and then there’s Mark with this story of survival when an angry beaver tried to end his life. The guy could’ve ended up on the shore bleeding to death with a beaver eating him alive.

Let Mark’s story be a lesson. Be careful going anywhere near an angry beaver or beaver in general. You’ve been warned.

Or don’t take Mark’s word for it and end up like a fisherman in Belarus who, back in 2013, was killed when an angry beaver attacked the man and bit him and hit an artery.

Guys, be careful! Please!

via Mark Pieraccini / Daily Hampshire Gazette
via Mark Pieraccini / Daily Hampshire Gazette
via Mark Pieraccini / Daily Hampshire Gazette

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