Angry Ohio State Fan Got Carried Away With Email Analogy During COVID Turmoil

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Look, we owe a lot to Ohio State fans. Like other fans in the Big Ten, they went to war when their fall season was threatened by the coronabro crowd last year. The Buckeye fans, players and coaches all rallied together — along with many others around the college football world — to save the season.

Sometimes emotions get the best of people, which is what I believe happened with one particular Ohio State fan. You see, when I compared fighting for a college football season to going to war in the paragraph above, that was an analogy.

The comparison between football and war gets used a lot. Some say that analogy is a stretch (and they’re correct), but it’s pretty wildly used — and accepted. Comparing canceling Ohio State’s program for one year to the Marshall plane crash back in 1970 though?

“If other conferences play and Ohio State doesn’t, our players will be perched by other schools, and it will essentially be like the Marshall plane crash for Ohio State football,” Ohio State fan Eric Deibel exclaimed in his email to Smith. “Be a man/leader and LEAD!”

Eh, OK … now things have gone too far. Like, way too far.

But hey, I get it. Emotions were running high. I can relate in that regard, but boy did this Buckeye fan let his emotions get the best of him on this one. With thousands of emails and texts from the university being released from behind the scenes during that time, we are getting some eye-opening nuggets.

For one, a text message exchange between athletic director Gene Smith and university president Kristina Johnson revealed that Ohio State considered going independent for the 2020 season. That was a doozy, but as far as eye-opening, this “Marshall plane crash” message takes the cake.



Deibel’s heart may have been in the right place, but that’s a big yikes. Seventy-five people LOST THEIR LIVES in that plane crash! I guess he grabbed people’s attention though.

I also now know how my weekend is going to be spent. At some point, I’m diving into those thousands of documents to see if I can find an email that tops ole Eric Deibel. Wish me luck, because I’m going to need it.

Stay tuned.

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