Angels Will Dodge A Loss Tonight

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Dodgers vs. Angels, 9:38 ET

The Cubs vs. White Sox always was one of the bigger draws in Chicago. The Mets facing the Yankees also brought a ton of attention to the clubs and series. However, the same luster doesn’t seem to be there when the Dodgers take on the Angels in a battle in Los Angeles. This is just a two-game set and features some of the biggest names in baseball. Let’s take a look at the game and see if we can steal a unit.

The Dodgers aren’t quite as dominating as they once were, but they have a chance to sweep the series tonight in just a two-game set. This is coming off them being swept by their divisional foes the Giants. The problem is that the Dodgers have been inconsistent. Their team isn’t all that much different or worse than it was last season. The biggest issue has been pitching. They still have some success, but the collective 4.60 ERA just won’t cut it. Today they are looking to send Michael Grove out to battle the Angels. He has made six starts for the Dodgers this season and they’ve been mediocre at best. In his most recent three starts, he has allowed 12 earned runs (four in each game) over 14 innings. Grove is a fly ball pitcher, typically, that bodes well for the Angels as they are looking to blast the ball rather than play station-to-station.

Mookie Betts is 1-for-1 in his at-bats against Angels starter Shohei Ohtani. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

The Angels have finally started to put it together. It only took three years, but the team is finally clicking. We know the story of how good Mike Trout is but he’s had one playoff appearance. Things never worked out with Albert Pujols, and then it was pretty pointless to have Anthony Rendon on the team as he didn’t do much or was injured. Shohei Ohtani came along and expectations remained high. They finally are playing some good baseball somewhat deep into the season. I thought last year would’ve been the one that clicked, but I do hope they actually make the playoffs. Ohtani is one of the best pitchers, hitters, players, whatever you want to call him, in baseball. He’s going to pitch tonight’s game and while he has been solid overall, he has been very good at home. At home, he has a 2.66 ERA and has only allowed 13 earned runs over 44 innings. He had one bad start against the Athletics this year – he allowed five earned over six innings. Outside of that, he hasn’t allowed more than three earned runs in a home game. Dodgers hitters have been fairly solid against him even though there haven’t been many at-bats. They are 6-for-15 against him.

I’m going to take the Angels to win this by at least two runs at +125. I have no faith in Michael Grove, and the Angels are playing very good baseball. On the other side, Ohtani might not have a great track record against the Dodgers hitters in a small sample size, but his numbers at home have been very solid. I’ll back the Angels -1.5 in tonight’s game.

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Written by David Troy

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