Andy Reid Offers Encouragement To Recently Fired Coaches

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid is well-versed in at least two things: Hawaiian shirts and the hiring and firing of football coaches. His experience with the latter makes him a voice of reason for recently dismissed coaches.

On Tuesday, Reid shared words of encouragement for the seven coaches who have thus far been fired from their NFL head coaching gigs, three of whom were canned earlier this week on what has been deemed “Black Monday.”

“They’ve had the opportunity to be one out of 32 people in the whole world, and that doesn’t happen very often in your life, where you’re that small of a minority there,” Reid told reporters earlier this week. “It’s been an honor to coach against some of these guys, to work with some of them and they’re going to have bright careers going down the road.”

Reid’s been on both ends of the league’s hiring and firing process. He’s twice had the pleasure of being hired as a head coach (with Philadelphia and Kansas City). And he’s also had to deliver walking papers to his assistant coaches. It comes with the territory, and Reid is confident his former colleagues will land on their feet.

“There’s always little humps in this thing that you go through that you got to go through the valley to get to the peak, and it happens. It’s a crazy business that way, but they’re all good guys,” added Reid. “I know all of them and they’re great guys, and they can basically do what they want to do from here.”

Those coaches who were recently ousted would be wise to follow Reid’s roadmap for a career bounce back. Since being let go by the Eagles a decade ago, Reid has won six division titles and a Super Bowl.

As if you needed another reason to listen to the Chief.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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