Andy Reid Has Something To Say About The Rumored Rift With Eric Bieniemy

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OutKick’s lead NFL columnist Armando Salguero is reporting from the NFL Combine this week.

INDIANAPOLIS — There is no problem in Kansas City. No rift.


That’s Andy Reid’s message to anyone who’ll listen here at the NFL Combine. And Reid is so adamant about the message that he began his press conference with reporters saying as much before they even got a question out.

“I just want to start off saying I appreciate being out here and, two is, that this whole thing with Eric Bieniemy that’s been written has gotten fabricated,” Reid said. “We were on vacation and over the two weeks, I came back and all of sudden it was I didn’t like Eric and Eric didn’t like me and [Patrick] Mahomes and everybody else.

“That’s not the case. We all get along good, and I’m glad he’s back with us and rolling. I thought he’d potentially get a head coaching job, which I would’ve been happy with too, but that’s not how it worked out.”

Two weeks ago, rumors surfaced that Bieniemy was at odds with Reid and Mahomes over the game plans and that the team’s offensive coordinator was increasingly difficult to get along with. It was supposedly the reason the team allowed Bieniemy’s one-year deal to expire without announcing a new contract.

A report on a Chiefs fan website stating that and more surfaced and caught the club’s attention before it was eventually taken down.

Well, Bieniemy eventually agreed to a new one-year deal and remains the offensive coordinator for 2022, a fact that speaks more loudly about how Reid and the Chiefs feel than anything they could say.

But Reid nonetheless had more to say because Matt Nagy’s return to the team as quarterback coach and senior assistant coach added to the intrigue that perhaps Bieniemy’s status was about to change.

“It’s great to have Matt back,” Reid said. “I thought it was important that continuity that we’ve had between Eric, the quarterback coach, the offensive staff continue so I thought that was important.

“Matt was the logical answer to that if he wanted to do that. I didn’t know where he’d be at after being a head coach, but he was fired up to do it and Eric was fired up, so I was like, ‘Let’s go.’ We’ll roll it in there and we’ll take it from there.”

With that out of the way, Reid went back to try and settle more important issues such as finding a right tackle to protect Mahomes.

“We’ll figure it out,” Reid said. “[Offensive line coach] Andy Heck does a good job of moving people around and allowing them to work in different spots. We’ll try to work the five best guys in as we go and see how that goes.”

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